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Amino Mega Liquid - 20 x 25 ml

Amino Mega Liquid from PowerBar is a great sports supplement based on proteins and amino acids of the highest quality, specialized in promoting proper nutrition, recovery and regeneration of the muscles after being subjected to intense training routines, thereby stimulating the good muscle development and boost your physical performance.

    Amino Mega Liquid from PowerBar, a fantastic and effective formula that provides the necessary nutrients for the proper recovery of your muscles after performing the intense sports training routines.

    Amino Mega Liquid PowerBar is an extraordinary highly nutritious supplement developed by PowerBar in a novel liquid presentation for oral consumption that provides an unbeatable combination of proteins and nutrients that are essential for the proper recovery of your body, especially your muscular area, after having been submitted to the realization of routines of physical training of great intensity.

    Amino Mega Liquid from PowerBar combines in a single formulation the right dose of proteins and amino acids required by the body to promote proper physical development, its formula has been made from the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein, combined with an unbeatable mixture of free amino acids that stimulate proper nutrition of muscle tissues.

    Main features of Amino Mega Liquid from PowerBar:

    • Has been made from the highest quality hydrolyzed whey protein.
    • Provides an incredible dose of amino acids and nutrients.
    • Ideal to complement the nutrition of sportsmen, athletes and training additives.
    • Provides an unbeatable charge of proteins to the organism
    • Helps improve physical performance during training and boost proper muscle development.
    • Contributes to nourish and recover muscle tissues.
    • Helps combat the impact of wear and fatigue on the muscles.

    Ingredients and format of Amino Mega Liquid from Powerbar

    Amino Mega Liquid from Powerbar offers a practical drink presentation, ready to use anywhere. The following description corresponds to the nutritional content equivalent to the recommended dose (2 vials a day).

    Has 8.3 g of protein.

    Contains 386 mg of L-alanine.

    Has 186 mg of L-arginine.

    Provides 938 mg of L aspartic acid.

    Provides 186 mg of L-cysteine.

    Provides 1600 mg of L-glutamic acid.

    Contains 140 mg of glycin.

    Contains 162 mg of L-listidine.

    Contains 700 mg of L-isoleucine.

    Contains 1100 mg of L-leucine.

    Contains 810 mg of L-lysine.

    Contains 148 mg of L-methionine.

    Has 170 mg of L-tyrosine.

    Has 800 mg of L-valine, among other natural ingredients.

    Benefits of Amino Mega Liquid from Powerbar:

    Amino Mega Liquid from PowerBar is ideal to help maximize muscle strength and endurance and favor the optimal recovery of your muscles, reducing the impact of muscle waring and fatigue that usually appear when performing strenuous high-intensity physical training routines. This incredible protein supplement for sports use developed by PowerBar is ideal to carry and consume anywhere thanks to its comfortable drinkable presentation.

    This fantastic product has been specially designed for athletes and sportsmen who seek to favor the proper recovery of their muscles after intense physical training routines, thus stimulating optimal muscle development and protection and increasing their physical performance. 

    How is Amino Mega Liquid taken?

    Take two vials of Amino Mega Liquid from PowerBar a day.

    Take before and after training.

    Consume once a day.

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