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5 electrolytes - 10 tablets

5 Electrolytes by PowerBar are pills that when dissolved in water they work as an energetic drink without calories. The main idea of ​​this energy drink is to get the 5 essential electrolytes lost when training through sweat. By getting these electrolytes back, this product guarantees a feeling of complete revitalization.

    5 Electrolytes: Are you tired during your workouts? Get your energy back in one moment!

    5 Electrolytes is an energy drink has a water soluble tablets format. The idea behind the design of these tablets is the fact that they can help with the regeneration of energy and a contribution of electrolytes lost during workouts. The creation of this product comes as a solution to the problem of the few options that exist to meet the need for energy drinks without calories. This product is especially recommended for people who do not want to modify their diets with calories or extra sugars.

    What are the main characteristics of 5 Electrolytes by PowerBar?

    • It contains 0g of Sugar and Calories.
    • It provides the 5 essential electrolytes (Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium)
    • It does not contain aspartame, preservatives or artificial flavours.
    • It has a wide range of flavours: Mango and Passion Fruit, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry Pomegranate and among others.
    • The flavorus of Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Tonic have caffeine for concentration.
    • 10 Tablets equal approximately 7.5 liters of energy drink without calories.

    Format and ingredients of 5 Electrolytes by PowerBar

    The format of this energy drink consists of 10 water-soluble tablets.

    In each socket of 5 PowerBar Electrolytes (1 Tablet) it has the following:

    • 250Mg Sodium
    • 200Mg Chloride
    • 150Mg Potassium
    • 60Mg Calcium
    • 28Mg Magnesium

    What are the main benefits of taking 5 Electrolytes by PowerBar?

    The main benefits of this energy drink, 5 Electrolytes by PowerBar, is to restore the electrolytes lost during physical training. These electrolytes are lost mainly by the sweat caused by demanding from our body during training. The main electrolytes used by the organism are: Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. 5 Electrolytes by PowerBar helps you to replenishing these electrolytes while they are removed from the body. It will guarantee an energy recovery for increased physical performance.

    Getting the 5 essential electrolytes back is not the main function of 5 Electrolytes by PowerBar. This product aims to be the substitute for common energy drinks, offering a solution without calories or sugars. 5 Electrolytes arouse from because of the demand of energy drinks that increase and keep physical performance without modifying the calorie intake of a daily diet.

    5 Electrolytes is an energy drink designed for athletes of all ages, backgrounds and genders. Different types of athletes include:

    • Runners
    • Weightlifters
    • Cyclists
    • Swimmers
    • People who practise any type of exhausting physical activity.

    How to take 5 Electrolytes?

    • The intake of 5 Electrolytes should be 1 tablet dissolved in approximately 500-750 ml of water
    • It should be taken only before or during the exercise sessions.
    • The recommended intake of this energy drink is 1 tablet a day with a daily maximum of 4.
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