Power Abs Wheel - Power System

Power Abs Wheel from Power System is a wonderful and modern sports accessory made of a durable material of steel and rubber of high quality. It helps you to tone your muscles more easily, strengthening your abdomen comfortably. It is anti-sliding, easy to use and practical to carry anywhere.

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Power Abs Wheel from Power System. Strengthen your muscles and tones the best abdomen.

Power Abs Wheel from Power System performs long and practical exercise routines to achieve the best abdomen in a short time with the new Power Abs Wheel from Power System, it is ideal for sportsmen and athletes in general who wish to have an excellent fitness state and to work several muscles of their body at the same time toning, strengthening them and achieving results 100% proven with little effort.

Power Abs Wheel from Power System is made of steel and rubber, a steel ring resistant to all body weight suitable for long and extensive workout routines, guaranteeing ideal training for sports people and others who lead a life full of exercises and physical activities in which they love, also has an anti-slip rubber wheel made of a special material that allows you to move easily without risk, it also has a sturdy iron axle, comfortable hand grips made of rubber that easily adheres to your hands guaranteeing you a better and even grip.

Power Abs Wheel from Power System as sports article is ideal for athletes and people who are in plans to lose weight and increase muscle mass, with Power Abs Wheel from Power System you will have a very comfortable and easy position when doing your exercises to strengthen all the upper front of the body, such as the biceps, triceps, shoulders and especially all the muscles of the abdomen, you can improvise in your training routine the amount of sets and repetitions you can do, since it is a comfortable and fun way to do ABS.

Facts of Power Abs Wheel from Power System

  • Made of high quality resistant steel and rubber.
  • Anti-slip, slides perfectly on the floor full of water or sweat
  • Easy to use, it provides excellent and comfortable position
  • Helps work several muscles in the upper front of the body
  • Double wheel for greater balance
  • Excellent and easy to carry anywhere

Power Abs Wheel from Power System is an excellent sports article, light and easy to carry anywhere, thanks to its practical and small form you will be able to take it with you at all times and you will be able to carry out your workout routine in the place you want, hall, room, in ihe neighbor's house, in the gym and even in the office you can do your training without any problem and keep you active during the day. Achieve the best abdomen and strengthen your arms with Power Abs Wheel from Power System.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory, it is suitable for all people, easy to use and carry anywhere to perform the exercise routine.

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