Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky is a healthy snack rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats. Dehydrated Pork are strips of cured pork, fat free, marinated in a slightly salty sauce and dried at low temperature. Each pack contains 25 g and is a perfect snack for athletes, weight-givers and diabetics.

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    Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky. Enjoy the best of the pig and forget about the fat.

    The balanced diet is vital for the proper functioning of the body and to achieve a slim and toned body. Experts recommend three main meals and two healthy snacks. In order to enrich your menu Indiana Jerky offers you the delicious Dehydrated Pork.

    This is a healthy appetizer with plenty of protein and low carbohydrate and fat content. Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky is made from strips of non-fat cured pork, marinated in a lightly salted and low-temperature sauce. This divine snack is perfect for athletes or people who have a diet of weight loss, maintenance or muscle definition.

    Pork is one of the most consumed meats in the world and is high in vitamin B1. Intake of this vitamin promotes the prevention of magnesium deficiency, contributes to correct metabolic disorders, decreases the risk and symptoms of a brain disorder called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome that is often seen in alcoholics. However, pork, despite having a healthier composition than other red meat, has a lot of fat. For this reason it is much healthier to eat it dehydrated in the style of Indiana Jerky. The Native Americans used to dry the meat of the animals they hunted to preserve it for longer, using this technique and implementing the most modern technology, Indiana Jerky prepared 25 g bags of the most delicious and low-fat Dehydrated Pork.

    The ingredients used to make this substantive snack are: unprocessed pork, 60 g, salt, sugar, hydrolysed soy protein, yeast, vinegar, dye, dextrose, pepper, maltodextrin, aroma, smoked flavor, garlic, preservative: sodium. The type of salt it contains does not produce any health-damaging effects. Each pack of Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky contains 60 g of calories, 12.5 g of protein, 0.4 g of saturated fats, 0.25 g of carbs, and 1.25 of salt. You should not waste time in your preparation, you should just open the bag and eat your delicious snack. In addition, its comfortable and small packaging makes the dehydrated pork in a transportable food, so it can accompany you throughout your busy days away from home. Include in your diet the delicious Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky and satiate your appetite between meals with the healthiest and most exquisite snack.

    Facts of Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky

    • High in protein.
    • Low in fat.
    • Gluten free.
    • Few carbohydrates per serving.
    • Easy to eat and carry.

    If you want to feed yourself healthily with many proteins and few carbs, you should eat whenever you want Dehydrated Pork from Indiana Jerky.

    Recommended Use: Open and eat, ideal for any time of day.

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