L-carnitine 500mg - 60 chews tabs

With L-carnitine from PinkFit, in its presentation of 60 chewable tablets, the female audience is offered an excellent dietary supplement. Endowed with amino acids lysine and methionine, this product helps to burn fats, increases the energy of the body and stimulates the growth of muscle mass. To this is added that it is suitable for recovery after exercise routines.

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L-carnitine from PinkFit boosts fat burning and accelerates post-workout recovery.

L-carnitine from PinkFit comes in presentation of 60 chewable tablets. It is a product designed for female metabolism, its goal being to improve performance in fitness, bodybuilding, significantly increase fat burning and muscle fiber growth, while increasing physical endurance by generating more energy using fats.

Its composition is created from the amino acids lysine and methionine, which is responsible for transferring the fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are consumed and converted into energy. Likewise, the symptoms of fatigue during exercise are minimized. In addition to the above, the appetite is also regularized, thus achieving an important contribution in the elimination of both excess weight and fat in the abdominal circumference and in other areas of the female anatomy. Without a doubt, L-carnitine from PinkFit is an excellent dietary supplement that helps women get better results in their physical training programs.

The combination of the amino acids lysine and methionine catalyzes the processes of fat burning in the body. In particular, the body of women works very effectively, as it achieves the consumption of lipids instead of glucose. In addition, both amino acids are crucial in the formation of cells that make up the muscle groups and trigger the growth of them. They also help to hold more energy during sports activities and trainings of any kind. This is because the body usually depletes its glucose reserves before choosing to burn the fat. On the other hand, if you have a good dose of both lysine and methionine, the female organism chooses to use both energy reserves at the same time, thus increasing its potential since it uses a double base of energy. At the same time, excess fat is discarded in the body. It also protects against the destruction of muscle mass and helps counteract tiredness resulting from strenuous body activity.

Facts of L-carnitine from PinkFit

  • In presentation of 60 chewable tablets
  • For female use
  • Supplies the amino acids lysine and methionine
  • Great for burning fats
  • Increases body energy in sports routines
  • Strengthens muscle growth
  • Helps minimize fatigue symptoms
  • Fights overweight

Sportsmen have many advantages in consuming L-carnitine from PinkFit because they manage to lose weight, decrease lipids in the abdominal area, increase their muscle volume and multiply their physical power during training routines. In addition, it is a supplement designed specifically for the metabolism of women.

Recommended use: this is a dietary supplement, so it is suggested to consume two chewable tablets after half an hour after having consumed food, preferably after breakfast.

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