V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition is an excellent fat burner that can make a difference in your slimming process. These tablets have been made with the format Licaps which promotes their fast assimilation in the organism. It contains natural ingredients, which have the ability to promote a thermogenic effect on the body.

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V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition is a quick-action thermogenic supplement. So, there are no excuses to slim down!

V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition is a thermogenic supplement that can be very helpful if you want to lose weight in an effective way. It has been made with natural active ingredients, which have a fat-burning effect tested in the organism.

It has extract of coffee, green tea, guarana, ginger, black pepper, cayenne and cocoa. These components help the digestive system to absorb and metabolize much more fat, thus getting more energy and providing also a filling effect which keeps the appetite at bay, especially out of time, and prevents eating foods that are not recommended in the most common diets. It is a perfect supplement to healthy diets and promotes the increase for renovated energy in order to carry out the daily activities effectively.

Losing weight can be somewhat difficult in early stages. When the liver still retains many toxins or fat, it becomes essential to help it speed up its pace and operate more efficiently. The best way to do this is by promoting the thermogenesis, which is a process that consists in the consumption of energy provoked by the heat produced through physiological processes. V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition provides this effect safely, burning lipids naturally and promoting the weight loss. This process not only consumes fats, but also boosts the levels of energy, which in turn helps to have a better performance during exercise routines. It is a very effective supplement, which will allow to lose weight in a significant and very motivating way.

V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition contains ingredients like extract of coffee which contains chlorogenic acid, which is a promoter natural slimming. It also increases the amount of cerebral receivers, which offers an increased level of attention. The extract of cocoa offers the action of theobromine, which promotes diuresis, thus helping to reduce liquid. On the other hand, Guarana provides a lot of xanthins, which stimulate the consumption of calories in the body. It is worth mentioning the benefits of capsaicin, a component of the cayenne pepper that also helps to burn body fat. Along with other natural components, this supplement helps to slim down and to recover a really healthy weight.

Facts of V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition

  • Has numerous natural thermogenic ingredients.
  • Speeds up the burning of fat.
  • Boosts the strength.
  • Promotes satiety.

V-trans Red Licaps from Perfect Nutrition is a natural thermogenic supplement that you must use if you want to lose weight. Its ingredients stimulate the burning of fat through body heat.

Recommended use: swallow 1 capsule, half an hour before breakfast and another before lunch, on an empty stomach.

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