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Test Pump from Perfect Nutrition is a food supplement highly recommended before training, specially designed for high-performance athletes wanting to gain more muscle mass and receive an extra of energy to perform better in training, additionally, thanks to its composition, each ingestion contributes to maintain your health strengthening bones and muscles.

    Test Pump from Perfect Nutrition combats fatigue and increases your strength.

    Test Pump from Perfect Nutrition is a supplement designed to be taken before training, for athletes who need to boost their energy levels and strength. It is one of the best formulas to get a bursting effect during long training routines, but designed carefully in order to avoid side effects in the body and allow you to give everything while taking care of your health.

    Test Pump from Perfect Nutrition is made up of aspartic acid, an amino acid that is not classified as a BCAA (branched chain amino acid), which is essential for the growth of the muscles. Even though the body can produce it naturally, it is beneficial to take it through supplements because it contributes to build lean muscle mass and reduce fatigue, thus providing sportsmen with better performance.

    In addition, it includes in its formula crea-trona, a new type of Creapure creatine with the function of decreasing acids in the muscles and thus reduce fatigue, also L-glycine, a non-essential amino acid that contributes to the healing of tissues and production of collagen, also strengthens the immune system from infectious diseases. To this combination, taurine was added, another amino acid that abounds in the muscle tissues and contributes to the absorption of micronutrients and helps to increase the size of the cells found in the muscle tissue, improves the protein synthesis and strengthens the immune system.

    Moreover, cornstarch was added to it in order to contribute energy, that because it is a carbohydrate of large molecular weight, also combined with vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 and, to increase the energy metabolism and decrease fatigue, thus providing more energy to be able to do more intense trainings. Likewise, it has Schisandra Chinensis extract, whose effect helps to reduce effects caused by stress and improves the concentration and mental agility, plus contributes antioxidant properties which combat the action of free radicals.

    Perfect Nutritión ha lanzado al mercado un gran producto pre-entreno que estimula la producción de energía, con componentes de la mejor calidad para que puedas rendir mejor durante cada rutina y mantenerse mucho más fuerte.

    Facts of Test Pump from Perfect Nutrition

    • Provides energy.
    • Combats fatigue.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Contains vitamins and amino acids.
    • Improves concentration.

    Test Pump from Perfect Nutrition is a supplement ideal for athletes with a long track record who have in mind the need of using high-quality supplements in order to improve their training. Perfect Nutrition has used the best raw material and the best technology to create a supplement able to contribute energy and promote muscle mass growth, without causing side effects to health. It is easy to dissolve and ingest.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 15 g before training with 200 ml of water.

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