The new product Oxygen, belonging to the Gen Professional line of Perfect Nutrition, is an inhaler presented in a practical container in the form of spray, containing pure oxygen. It is ideal for athletes who face situations in which they have insufficient oxygen, either due to fatigue, in training or competitions, physical effort or altitude.

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Breathe pure oxygen with Oxygen from Perfect Nutrition and get a quick recovery after your training, race or competition.

Oxygen from Perfect Nutrition is an inhaler presented as a spray, which has been designed especially thinking of athletes who face situations that require at their best physical conditions.

When making any effort at such times, the type of endurance used by the body is aerobic endurance, then using the same amount of oxygen that is absorbed, but as the intensity or duration of the effort increases, the endurance becomes anaerobic, causing the amount of oxygen consumed to be greater than what the body can absorb, leading to a decrease in oxygen.

For that reason, Perfect Nutrition has created the wonderful product presented herein, which is an inhaler that contains pure oxygen, designed for athletes who perform endurance sports such as swimming, athletics, cycling, soccer, even is ideal for athletes who are dedicated to climb high mountains, being oxygen, an element of great importance in the execution of any of such exercises, increasing the demand during its performance. By using Oxygen from Perfect Nutrition, they will increase more than twenty times the amount of oxygen in their blood, thus taking to a whole new level their physical performance and endurance. No doubt, this is a product from the future, but you can use it today.

Oxygen from Perfect Nutrition is also ideal for professional athletes who want to increase their endurance during training or competition, while increasing the possibility of achieving a fast recovery, and also improving the operation of their immune system, providing excellent oxygenation to the brain, thus helping to increase concentration.

Facts of Oxygen from Perfect Nutrition

  • Contains 100% pure oxygen.
  • Facilitates recovery after a training or competition with high oxygen demand.
  • Can be used by any athlete, regardless of their training level, in order to increase their blood oxygen levels and their respiratory capacity during competition or training.
  • Ideal for athletes who perform sports that need a lot of concentration.
  • Helps the increase and maintenance of the red cells in the blood, thus allowing the capture of a greater amount of oxygen.

Oxygen from Perfect Nutrition is the element that you have been missing in your set of sports articles, especially, if you are an athlete dedicated to the practice of disciplines such as aerobics, endurance sports, extreme sports, high-altitude sports, among others, since during the execution of such disciplines, oxygen levels in blood go down due to increased metabolism. Therefore, the prestigious brand Perfect Nutrition has created this wonderful container of pure oxygen that will undoubtedly help you to get an optimal recovery after a hard day of training or important competition.

Recommended use: as a product for sports use, in critical respiratory moments, place the small side of the mask in the oxygen container and the large side in your mouth. Empty your lungs. Press the button for two or five seconds at the same time you inhale pure oxygen.

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