Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition is the supplement ideal for your daily routine, becoming a healthy and nutritious snack that provides you with an important amount of protein, with a unique and delicious flavor. Besides, it is a very easy, fast and delicious way of getting proteins at any time of the day.

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    Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition: a delicious snack that provides energy.

    Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition is an excellent snack to eat between meals, in a trip, hiking or after an intense training, as this product provides you with energy and protein through its different components, without being damaging for your health.

    Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition is ideal for eating in special moments, offering a genuine and delicious flavor, plus a considerable amount of proteins and vitamins vital for your body. These delicious bars are perfect to supplement diets low in fat, for definition, weight loss, gain of muscle mass or, just, if you want to take care your nutrition and be able to consume in comfortable, easy and delicious way part of the protein you need, as it contains the incredible amount of 35% of protein per bar. It is also an excellent option if you are suffering from fatigue or want to eat something different as a snack.

    In addition, it is important to know that, this protein bar has a low index of fat and carbohydrates, so there are those who include it in the food they eat after training. Its main function is to satiate the appetite or allay anxiety that may appear at any moment of the day. In case you are well-built or muscular, two bars will be usually enough to nourish your body.

    Choosing Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition is ideal for your daily ingestion, as it offers greater synthesis of proteins, promotes muscle development and muscle tissue recovery. Therefore, it is a food supplement suitable for achieving positive results from your training, as it boosts your levels of energy considerably and provides vitamins and proteins essential for your body. To top it all off, it has a different and pleasant flavor to your palate.

    Facts of Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition:

    • 35% proteins.
    • Low in sugar.
    • Low in fat.
    • High in fiber.
    • Does not contain sugars added.
    • Minimum amount of carbohydrates.
    • Ideal for eating anywhere and anytime.
    • Provides energy.
    • Contributes proteins.
    • Makes digestion easier.

    Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition is an excellent product for sportsmen who do weight training, athletes seeking an improved muscle recovery after intense exercises and people looking for a greater amount of proteins.

    Recommended use: Jump Protein Bar from Perfect Nutrition provides a considerable amount of protein, in case you are interested in an excessive amount of it, but if you are a person with carrying a lot of muscle mass, then you should eat 2 or 3 bars after training or after the lunch in order to receive an ideal load.

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