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High Voltage Ultra Concentred - 168 g

High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition is a sports supplement for pre-workout. This product gives your body adequate energy, allows training to be more intense, reduces tiredness and muscle fatigue, among other benefits. Ideal for athletes, sportsmen and people who want to have a better physical performance.

    High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition is the supplement you need to improve and perform at your best in every workout.

    High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition is an ultra-concentrated supplement that comes in powder format, designed for pre-workout consumption. All the components of its incredible formula will help you achieve excellent power, maximum strength and greater speed in every workout or physical activity.

    This is a supplement that allows you to have a better workout by means of the correct contribution of energy, a greater endurance, reducing fatigue, helping to favor correct muscle development and reducing the annoying muscle fatigue. A wonderful product designed so that you can give your best in every workout and thus achieve all your sporting goals.

    This is a powerful sports supplement that has as main objective to increase your physical capacity during training. Thanks to its powerful components, this product provides you with the necessary benefits to improve, as it should, your body. High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition allows you to train for much longer, with greater power and maximum energy. In addition, it helps to increase the blood flow that goes to the muscles. A great product that will give your body what it needs, so that it can work at its maximum capacity and, in that way, allows you to have a better performance.

    This pre-workout is an effective product that allows to increase physical performance during physical activity or training. It has been developed with the intention of offering excellent benefits, among which we can highlight the increase in energy, greater power, reduction and delay of tiredness and muscle fatigue, increase in strength and its contribution in favoring muscle development. High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition is an effective and high-quality product, which, thanks to its incredible components allows us to improve in every training. An ideal product for athletes, sportsmen and for all those who want to improve their physical performance.

    Facts of High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition

    • Sports supplement, pre-workout.
    • Allows to increase the energy during a long time.
    • Does not contain sugars.
    • Allows greater endurance.
    • Contributes to have greater power.
    • Reduces tiredness considerably.
    • Reduces and delays the appearance of muscle fatigue.
    • Helps to favor the correct muscle development.
    • Allows to increase the intensity and time of training.

    High Voltage Ultra Concentred from Perfect Nutrition is made in a wonderful way and has incredible components, which will give your body the benefits it deserves so much and needs to have a better performance. A product that will surprise you and allow you to improve with every training. Do not miss this great sports supplement!

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement, mix 5 g of the product with 170-240 ml of water, take on an empty stomach 20 or 30 minutes before training.

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