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100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine - 300 g

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The dietary supplement 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition is an ideal product for every athlete, because it contains ajinomoto glutamine, which is one of the essential amino acids that help us recover our muscle fiber effectively, to keep it always protected against injuries. This supplement has a very pleasant and refreshing taste that we can enjoy.

    Bring your muscles to life after a hard and exhausting workout with 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition: the perfect supplement enriched in amino acid!

    The food supplement 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition comes in powder format and contains no fats. This helps us to prevent our muscle mass from being reduced and to avoid injuries. In addition, it gives us all the energy we need to perform our series of exercises in the right way, thus obtaining the results that we have always longed for.

    Glutamine is an amino acid found in many parts of our body, for example, muscles and blood. Our body is able to produce a certain amount of this amino acid; but it does not generate them in the quantities that we need. That is why, we see ourselves in the need to consume a nutritional supplement that provides us with the amino acids that our body cannot produce completely by itself. For this reason, the food supplement 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition was created, which gives us all the glutamine that our body needs to build an extraordinary athletic body.

    All people who practice sports, train in a gym or perform any physical activity that requires hard training and great physical performance, always find themselves in need of a nutritional supplement to help them repair the damage the muscle fibers suffered. In order to achieve that, there is no better way than by taking 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition, which is a supplement that helps us repair our tissues and thus keep us healthy and in optimal conditions.

    Facts of 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition

    • Made with ingredients of very good quality.
    • A supplement enriched with amino acids.
    • Its formula contains ajinomoto glutamine.
    • Provides our body with the amount of amino acids it needs.
    • Helps to revitalize the muscle mass.
    • Contributes to have a better performance in the exercises we take.
    • Has anti-catabolic properties.
    • Contains carbohydrates and proteins ideal for you.

    100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition can be consumed by anyone, especially those who take exercises. This fantastic supplement will help you recover and protect your muscles after an intense workout in the most delicious and refreshing way possible. This product is of excellent quality and comes packed in a bottle with a lid that is easy to open; that also helps us to keep the product fresh and dry.

    Recommended use: five (5) grams of 100% Pure Ajinomoto Glutamine from Perfect Nutrition should be dissolved in a glass of water and taken one (1) or two (2) times a day. It is highly recommended to take one (1) dose after training and another dose before going to bed.

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