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Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition is a dietary supplement that has been designed to help you boost and maintain a adequate levels of energy, and at the same time it lets you recover energy lost during training. A product ideal for sportsmen who do intense or long trainings. A effective and high quality product.

    Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition is the supplement ideal for keeping the maximum level of energy.

    Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition is a powerful high-quality product that will allow you to be full of energy and improve your training every day. It has been made of amylopectin, a very important ingredient that has the power of working effectively.

    Its great preparation make this supplement to promote the production of energy, increase glycogen levels and allows a quick recovery of energy after training. A product ideal for sportsmen who make long trainings or aerobics. Do not miss this supplement and its powerful results.

    Its content of amylopectin makes the digestive enzymes to have greater action, thus allowing them to work quick and effectively in the process of glucose absorption and provoke the increase in the blood glycemic level. It is worth mentioning that failing to keep glycogen reserves can cause burning of all the energy in the body, so the body would have to take the energy from the muscles and this might cause the loss of muscle mass. Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition is a high-quality product we recommend to boost your energy levels and keep your training in the maximum level.

    Having bad nutrition habits can produce lack of glycogen, although it might also happen by intense trainings and not being on a balanced diet. To solve that situation, The wonderful product, Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition, has been created, which will provide you with everything you need to keep adequate blood glycemic levels, therefore you can give the maximum effort in each training or physical activity you do. It is a product ideal to have a better performance during training, recover energy lost in training and to achieve your sports goals. Recommended for sportsmen who do intense, long trainings or aerobics.

    Facts of Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition

    • It is a dietary supplement.
    • It is made of amylopectin.
    • It boosts the levels of energy.
    • It allows to achieve a better sports performance.
    • It helps to recover energy lost during training.
    • It helps to keep the bood glycemic levels.
    • It is ideal for sportsmen who do intense, long trainings.
    • It is a high-quality product.

    This special supplement is ideal for having a better performance in your intense or long trainings. Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition will allow you to boost your levels of energy, will provide important benefits and will not make the digestion slow or heavy. A great dietary supplement that you cannot miss.

    Recommended use: consume Glucogen from Perfect Nutrition as a dietary supplement, take 1 g of product per kilo of weight, for example: if you weigh 80 kg, then you should take 80g of product with 300 ml of water. Take before or after training.

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