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Creapure Recharge from Perfect Nutrition will make your workouts a new experience, as you will notice an increase in your strength, endurance, your muscles will take longer to fatigue and reach muscle failure, you will feel your muscles full of energy and bigger. Therefore, this is a product for those who want to provide their muscles with greater endurance, performance and even hydration.

    Creapure Recharge from Perfect Nutrition: Strength, Endurance and Greater Performance in a Single Product.

    The brand of creatine Creapure is widely known in sports for its ability to combine with phosphate, creating phosphocreatine, which will be used by our body to replenish the essential ATP (adenosine triphosphate), so that our muscles can perform the efforts required during the practice of intense workouts.

    About these products often arise many questions about the real values ​​of these substances and how it could be the reaction of your body to take them. In particular, Creapure Recharge from Perfect Nutrition is an ideal product that improves the ability of growth in the muscles and also contributes hydration and performance.

    Definitely, with the consumption of Creapure Recharge from Perfect Nutrition, our training will be more intense and effective, since it is a product created naturally and is special among fitness products because it is the only creatine supplement with a pure balance, so it is safe to say that it has further improved the original recipe of the product and complements it with a good appreciable percentage of glycogen, which is highly valued for its contribution in branched starch, which favors the consumption and has a flavor suitable to be included in a diet.

    Recharge Creapure from Perfect Nutrition contains components that help digestion, acting more effectively and at a higher speed in the process of glucose absorption, this allows the blood glycemic index and its efficiency to increase considerably. By consuming amylopectin, we will increase the production of rapid energy in the form of glycogen, which is essential for improving our athletic performance during training and thus have a better recovery of the energy lost after intense training.

    Facts of Creapure Recharge from Perfect Nutrition:

    • Makes your muscles grow just with a regular intake.
    • Provides your body with greater strength.
    • The recovery time is shorter between trainings.
    • 100% natural.
    • Contains glycogen in an ideal amount for your body to absorb creatine better.

    Recharge Creapure from Perfect Nutrition is the formula you have been seeking for ensuring that your muscle fibers get perfectly nourished all the time, helping you in this way to achieve your desired goals, either maintaining the quality of the muscle mass or increasing it maintaining it free of fat. In case you are working on a fixed routine of exercises and want to obtain results without problems, the intake of this creatine will be an addition that will improve the way you train and how your muscles develop and grow, making a specific balance between the continuous exercise and balanced nutrition. This supplement will exploit these opportunities so that your muscles not only grow, but also recover faster, more effectively, and exactly when you need to.

    Recommended use: the first 5 days, consume 30 g of product divided into 3 doses of 10 g throughout the day (1 dispenser contains 5 g) mixed only with water. Continue with 5 g daily for a maximum of 2 months.

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