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Meat & Whey Pro from Perfect Nutrition is the perfect supplement for bodybuilders and high-performance sportsmen. Furthermore, it is a concentrate with all the benefits of meat and whey protein, but without the fat they usually have. It also contributes the branched chain amino acids the organism needs to gain muscle mass.

    Meat & Whey Pro from Perfect Nutrition has everything you need to gain muscle mass and perform intense exercise routines.

    Meat & Whey Pro from Perfect Nutrition is powerful supplement that brings in a concentrate all that high-performance sportsmen and bodybuilders need to develop their physiques.

    It contains meat, which is a food essential for the organism to get the material to build and rebuild tissues. It has whey protein of biological value that excels in the contribution of essential amino acids, which also enter in the organism quickly and support the immune system. This product also contains branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are elements that the body needs but can not produce on its own. Moreover, its formula contains 4 times more leucine than valine and isoleucine as it is the one that stimulates the protein synthesis.

    If you practise sports you surely know that you need to consume a lot of meat in order to strengthen your muscles. Likewise the ideal is that your diet includes dairy products, which also provide you with vital amino acids you to have energy and keep a good performance. The problem is that the have to eat large quantities, but not only that you would also be consuming fat and saturated lipids, which might work against your muscle-toning goals. Meat & Whey Pro from Perfect Nutrition provides all the benefits of meat and dairy products, but without the components that can increase the fat volume. Moreover these benefits have been concentrated in this powder that your digestive system will assimilate quickly.

    You can be sure your body will receive the meat proteins, the biological value of milk and the BCAAs your body needs so much. You can maintain a moderate healthy diet, but strengthened with Meat & from Perfect Whey Pro Nutrition. Get a recovery improved and complete with greater level of energy. Ingredients will increase your resistance and will allow you to achieve greater body volume in which makers galore meats lean and tissue firm. No matter if practice fitness, cycling, boxing, football or culturismo. This product wear off you of the possibility of suffer catabolism.

    Facts of Meat & Whey Pro from Perfect Nutrition

    • Stimulates the assimilation of proteins.
    • Builds muscle mass.
    • Boosts strength.
    • Reinforces the immune system.

    Meat & Whey Pro from Perfect Nutrition has all the benefits of those food in which protein abounds, without the consumption of fat and lipids those could contain. Additionally, it is a pure protein supplement that promotes easy and effective feeding. last but not least, it ensures your vitality, despite you have not time to prepare a varied meals. So it is perfect for high-performance sports or supplement a poor diet.

    Recommended use: drink two doses of 30 g a day between meals. One after training.

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