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Black Line L-Glutamine Powder - 454 g

Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition is a product with glutamine, an amino acid that, despite not belonging to the BCAA group, is of vital importance for the athlete due to its role in the production of proteins, in addition, it improves the defenses, reduces fatigue and boosts the recovery of muscle fiber.

    Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition. Fatigue is gone and Energy comes!

    Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition has a formula powered by glutamine that reduces fatigue and prevents muscle catabolism. It is a supplement designed to improve the recovery of muscle fiber and reduce fatigue during training.

    From the Black line of Perfect Nutrition comes L-Glutamine Powder, a product that will help you recover energy without any effort, plus it will allow you to maintain that diet that you are on, you no longer have to worry about low defenses because Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition will take care of that and will help you to train with the energy and strength you need, avoid losing muscle mass and contribute to keep your body lean. Improve your energy, increase your muscle recovery, train harder, avoid the loss of strength and much more with Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition, you can train without risk and without fear.

    Being the most abundant amino acid in your body, Perfect Nutrition does not believe that what you produce is enough, so an extra would be good to improve your performance and build the body you want. Although, it is not an amino acid that can be created from other amino acids and that does not belong to the BCAA (branched chain amino acids) group. Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition improves the synthesis of glucose, which translates into a greater generation of energy than the athlete can use, stimulates glycogen synthetase and ammoniacal nitrogen. Moreover, it improves your defenses, serves for the production of purines and glucosamine and also help the kidneys' alkaline reserve.

    With this Perfect Nutrition's product, you will be able to return to that high intensity training and diet that you have put off for so long. Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition will help you avoid the onset of fatigue, increase your muscle recovery and allow you to delve more and more into the world of training and fitness. Do not worry about muscle catabolism because Perfect Nutrition has designed this product for you to train and keep your diet at ease without having to worry about flaws that your body may suffer, with Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition, you can reduce the possibility of infections and muscle catabolism. Improve your recovery, have more energy and therefore train more. The glutamine this product contains is of great importance as it has a vital role in keeping your defenses high along with the metabolism of proteins.

    Facts of Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition

    • Prevents fatigue.
    • Reduces the possibility of infections.
    • Improves muscle recovery.
    • Prevents the loss of muscle mass.
    • Raises your defenses.
    • Completely made by Kiowa, the best raw material manufacturer.
    • Quality assured.

    With dedicated passion and high performance, Black Line L-Glutamine Powder from Perfect Nutrition will give you strength and energy for you to train at ease!

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take a dose of five grams (5 g) a day, far from meals. In case of consuming under a calorie deficit, you should take the same dose before going to sleep at night, higher doses can only be indicated by a professional.

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