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Black Line Amino 9600 - 400 tabs

Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition is an excellent formula to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and, in this way, get the muscle building bricks you desire so much. This amino acid formula contains an excellent combination of hydrolyzed mono-, di- and tri-peptides obtained from the highest quality whey protein on the market.

    Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition. Develop your muscles and maximize your metabolism.

    Following a routine and subsequent training involves a set of guidelines to achieve a specific goal where food, training and other factors are combined. In order to improve the appearance of the food, Black Line Amino 9600 was created by Perfect Nutrition, which seeks to help you with a positive nitrogen balance while performing a group of key processes in your training, so you can progress optimally.

    Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition is based on an advanced formula to boost muscle development. It has a wide range of sequenced amino acids, vitamin B6 was also added for better absorption and chromium picolinate to improve the metabolism of insulin. The moment you start to consume this product, you will notice a change in how your metabolism works, mainly in the distribution of insulin. Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition does not work as an accelerator but rather as a booster that is able to improve your muscle development. Therefore, including it in a suitable diet allows to improve the absorption of vitamins while contributing Chromium Picolinate.

    Undoubtedly, Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition is a recommended product for all those athletes who want to develop the foundations of a good and lean muscle mass. Specialists recommend this supplement for its power to build muscle mass and offering vitamin B5, element that also works in parallel to the incidence of several amino acids that allow the sequential release and the development of the muscles. It is important to bear in mind that when using this product in certain doses, you will not notice the results immediately, but it would be a gradual process that goes hand in hand with the work you do on a daily basis to consolidate the goals set.

    Facts of Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition:

    • Manages to increase and tone up muscle mass by supplementing the diet.
    • Helps muscle recovery after training.
    • Has a wide range of amino acids that allow sequential release.
    • Provides vitamin B6.
    • Favors the absorption of nutrients.
    • Contains Chromium Picolinate in charge of maximizing and regularizing the metabolism of insulin.
    • Combines mono-, di- and tri-peptides from whey protein.

    Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition is designed to provide you with what your body needs to develop a superior capacity of strength, this is done through a power of muscle development, therefore you should take this supplement as part of a suitable diet and accompany it with a proper exercise plan. Unlike other supplements Black Line Amino 9600 from Perfect Nutrition takes into consideration the contribution of several nutrients to strengthen the body in a continuous work process and offer a final product that satisfies the user according to their performance.

    Recommended use: the ideal dose is 2 tablets before breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can alternate the meal you take it with. Do not abuse the recommended dose.

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