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Big Man Muscle is a nutritional supplement made of carbohydrates, whey protein, vitamins, minerals. It was designed by Perfect Nutrition for people who want to put on weight through the increase of their muscle mass, thus promoting the recovery of muscle fibers after training.

    Gain weight and muscle mass with the best source of carbohydrates and proteins, Big Man Muscle from Perfect Nutrition, a product made especially for you.

    Big Man Muscle from Perfect Nutrition is an amazing food complement intended to help people who want to put on weight through the increase of their muscle mass, with an amazing formula that is favorable for sportsmen that practice any discipline, giving them a quick recovery after each training session and also is an excellent source of energy, which will be very helpful for them before training in order to achieve an effective execution of their exercise routine.

    Perfect Nutrition made Big Man Muscle especially for you, a fabulous food supplement that is not only ideal to put on weight quickly and safely, but also to help the recovery of muscle tissue and boost endurance to cope with physical training, because it is formulated based on carbohydrates of the highest quality, also contains creatine to promote the increase of strength, medium chain triglycerides, which are a component of high nutritional value and also has the wonderful nutritional properties of an incredible combination of vitamins A, C, E, D, those in the B group, and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron and iodine, which together constitute an excellent source of energy and also offers many benefits to the organism in general.

    Big Man Muscle from Perfect Nutrition is part of the range RED LINE, which makes it a product that can be acquired easily at an excellent price, so you take care of your health and your pocket. With this wonderful food supplement you can achieve your goals, if you are looking to put on weight and gain muscle mass. In addition, it  provides the sportsmen with a great source of long lasting energy for greater endurance and strength in training or competition, helping to slow down the ocurrence of fatigue. Moreover, its composition was designed to be completely absorbed, thus ensuring a maximum use of all its active principles.

    Facts of Big Man Muscle from Perfect Nutrition

    • Intended to achieve a quick increase in weight.
    • It is suitable for any sportsman who practices any sport, either of strength or endurance.
    • It contains carbohydrates of quick, medium and slow absorption for the optimum operation of the body.
    • It is easily dissolved.
    • It was formulated for the organism to take full advantage of all its components.
    • It is safe and cheap.

    Big Man Muscle from Perfect Nutrition is the product you need to punt on weight and gain muscle mass in a healthy and very safe way. Boost your strength, power and endurance with this wonderful product that can be bought at the best market price.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 100 g (a little ladle) with water and take once or twice a day, preferably, a dose in the morning and another after physical activity.

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