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AminoGen from Perfect Nutrition is a sports supplement made with a high content of amino acids, ideal to improve the recovery phase, achieve greater protein synthesis, and complete a deep regeneration in the muscles. It has been created for any athlete who wants to have adequate supplementation.

    AminoGen from Perfect Nutrition develops more muscles and conserves your energy for much longer!

    AminoGen from Perfect Nutrition is a specialized amino acid formula, which has been created based on a master pattern of amino acids with a high nutritional capacity.

    It contains histidine and arginine that are fundamental so that you maintain the highest vitality during the practice of any sport. It also contributes with a high content of nitrogen and L-glutamine. It also has taurine, which helps the body assimilate its nutrients. This supplement is fast gastric emptying, which means that you will receive almost immediately all the benefits of its active components. It has everything you need to tone your muscles and deeply improve your training routines.

    Tiredness will no longer be a problem with AminoGen from Perfect Nutrition. This supplement will provide your body with ornithine, which helps your body to discard ammonia, a substance that brings signs of exhaustion. To this we must add the benefits of beta-alanine, whose antioxidant properties are also accompanied by more physical resistance which improves the intensity of the exercises during training. It also helps you maintain the best level of hydration, thanks to its chelated electrolytes that quickly replace the minerals and salts that are removed with sweat during the execution of any exercise routine.

    You will always have energy with AminoGen from Perfect Nutrition. It has cyclodextrin, a high quality carbohydrate that replenishes your strength quickly. It also contributes to the metabolism of fats, so it helps preserve optimal heart health. In the same way it increases the action of the immune system. All its components offer effective protection against muscle catabolism and a dose of this supplement along with a portion of carbohydrates can replace a meal. Do not miss its benefits and its delicious flavor, which has been achieved through a healthy sweetener devoid of synthetic ingredients.

    Properties of AminoGen from Perfect Nutrition:

    • Participates in amino acid synthesis
    • Offers chelated minerals for hydration
    • Has antioxidant properties
    • Increases energy
    • Improves muscle growth
    • Prevents the manifestation of discomfort or cramping
    • Improves recovery
    • Benefits muscle regeneration

    Amino Gen from Perfect Nutrition provides you with the benefits contained in a master pattern of amino acids. Get more energies, a quick recovery and greater muscle growth, with this supplement that also assimilates easily. It has chelated electrolytes that prevent the effects of dehydration. Its digestibility is effective, what makes it fit for consumption during the exercise routine. In the same way, it has antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress resulting from training. 

    Recommended use: recommended for long-term sports. Dilute dose according to weight, in 300 ml of water. It should be done according to the following volumes.

    Less than 70 kilos: 10 grams (1/3 meter)

    More than 70 kilos: 15 grams (1/2 meter)

    More than 80 kilos: 20 grams (2/3 meter)

    More than 100 kilos: 30 grams (complete meter)

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