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100% Optiwhey - 1.36 kg

100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition is a protein food that provides your organism with great biological value and that is digested easily. It has been prepared with isolated whey protein hydrolysate, which meets all the requirements of amino acids after a very intense exercise routine. Ideal for the high performance sports and also those with high nutritional requirements.

    Get more power, strength and performance with 100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition: the secret of the best ones.

    100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition is a protein supplement that contains all the concentrated properties of the essential amino acids. It is composed of isolated whey protein hydrolysate, which boosts your power of recovery and ensures an effective and fast protein synthesis.

    If you practice demanding physical disciplines that take much from your energy reserves, you need to reinforce the nutrients of your body, with a product whose active components act with facility and that help you to regain strength. Moreover, it tastes neutral to ensure that it preserves all the properties that rebuild the tissues and boost the vitality of the organism. It acts quickly thanks to the predigestion mechanic process to which the product is exposed, before being packed.

    Regardless of how demanding it is the discipline you practice, you can develop to your maximum potential with 100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition. Thus, you do not have to eat an excessive amount of foods to meet all carbohydrate requirements, mainly those of proteins. This supplement has been processed especially to be assimilated quickly and in this way to enjoy its active components in a short time. It has a deep biological value that increases your muscle mass and boosts your energy levels. Now you can improve your endurance and routine, with the confidence that you will fulfill your objectives. You will gain leaner and stronger muscle mass to show off incredibly developed muscles.

    100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition allows you to have a better recovery after your physical training routine. This is the secret best kept by champions of very demanding activities. It supplements your proteins with a low carbohydrate level. It can be helpful for sportsmen around the 40 years or more, who have higher nutritional needs. Although this does not mean that it cannot be consumed people under that age. It works very well for any kind of person who is interested in boosting his level of amino acids, which are vital for a good physical state.

    Facts of 100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition

    • Boosts vitality.
    • Boosts endurance.
    • Quickly assimilated.
    • Provides all the essential amino acids.
    • Promotes a fast recovery.
    • Ensures the assimilation of proteins.
    • Predigested by mechanical processes.

    100% Optiwhey from Perfect Nutrition has a neutral taste, which ensures that its properties and benefits will act effectively. Other products reduce up to 5% the quality of its ingredients by adding artificial flavourings. But in this case, all the benefits of the isolated whey protein hydrolysate enter in the organism in pure state and thus promoting the repair of tissues and boosting the energy levels. Thanks to its low percentage of fats and carbohydrates this supplement can also be used to lose weight.

    Recommended use: consume 30 g dissolved in 200ml of water after training. Add it to natural juice, puree, tea or skimmed milk. Thanks to the fact that it is tasteless, it can be included in almost any food.

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