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List of products by brand PB2 Foods

Bell Plantation company is headquartered in Georgia, United States. It is recognized for making the powdered peanut butter, called PB2. This product has a succulent flavor and is also low in both fat and calories. It also provides protein. This company has been expanding its range of offers, including chocolate and peanut oils. In its offers, it maintains the philosophy of not using chemicals or preservatives. Therefore, they are 100% natural products.

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50% dtoCPB2 - 184g (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

CPB2 - 184g (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

PB2 Foods
Powdered peanut butter with chocolate flavor Unlike traditional peanut creams, powdered formulas...
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31% dtoCPB2 - 453g (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

CPB2 - 453g (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

PB2 Foods
Powdered peanut butter with chocolate flavor Unlike traditional peanut creams, powdered formulas...
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Bell Plantation is an American company. It is well-known to have used a typical food of the American culture, as is the peanut butter, and to have renewed it to have less fat. In addition, it offers it to the public in a format very different from the traditional one.

This company is the creator and distributor of a powdered peanut butter, called PB2. It has many nutritional advantages thanks to the way it is made. It is noteworthy that it has 85% less fat content than other similar foods. It is the stellar product of this company, from which it has developed another range of offers for the general public.

The philosophy of Bell Plantation is to renew the uses of traditional agricultural products, with the intention of providing delicious healthy foods for the enjoyment of a whole family. Its purpose is to give the opportunity to eat delicious foods as well as optimal for health. To that effect, it has created a whole catalog of creams and other tasty alternatives. It is worth mentioning that its products are 100% natural, as well as ideal for maintaining a good physical condition. They all have very little fatty content.

To a large extent, this company begins to gain prestige thanks to its powdered Peanut Butter PB2 because it helps to obtain additional proteins and to give a rich flavor to the nutrient shakes that athletes consume. In addition, it happens that a lot of chefs appreciate the ease with which this powdered butter adapts to thousands of recipes, both salty and sweet.

With the passage of time, Bell Plantation has diversified the range of its products. Currently, it offers a wide range of products that include the excellent "Chocolate PB2", which is offered in powder. It also has a line of slimming products, called "PBThins", which includes a gluten-free option for celiacs.

Other alternatives include: the products of the range "Plantation 1883" (traditional peanut butter, in creamy format), "Plantation 1883 Chocolate" (peanut butter in chocolate cream), as well as the "Crunchy Plantation 1883 "(creamy peanut butter with crunchy and freshly roasted peanuts). Finally, we must mention the excellent "Toasted Peanut Oil", which is extra-virgin and is perfect to supplement any type of diet.

The headquarters, and of contact, is located at the following address: 7902 Magnolia Industrial Blvd, Tifton, GA 31794, USA, in the state of Georgia. Chemicals are not used in its facilities and preservatives of any kind are not added to products offered to customers. It is a company that goes for creating healthy foods, free of artificial processes and to be widely recognized due to the nutritious value of the food produced.