Pancakes Pro from Pancakes Diet allows to continue enjoying the flavor of delicious pancakes at breakfast, while it is a natural food. Its great goodness is that none of its ingredients have been chemically processed or it is free of preservatives. Its main ingredients are oats and egg white.

Pancakes pro - 1.5 kg

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  • Lactose Free
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What do you take it for? producto alimenticio para deportistas
How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid and mix
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When should it be taken? After training or as a snack
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Pancakes Pro from Pancakes Diet, ideal source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Pancakes Pro from Pancakes Diet is ideal to supplement any diet or eating pattern intended to lead a healthier life. It comes in a comfortable presentation and is very easy to prepare. That way, you have the opportunity to enjoy rich and delicious pancakes, which in addition to its exquisite flavor have the plus of being 100% natural.

The great advantage is that none of the ingredients of this formula has been chemically processed. Therefore, they maintain their nutritional qualities intact and contain no trace of chemicals that may be harmful to health. Among its ingredients stands out oats, this being a cereal widely recognized for its nutritional properties, which is extremely rich in fiber and vitamins. Likewise, this food is a good source of protein, since it also contains egg white among its components. Finally, it is necessary to mention that it provides the body with an important amount of beta-glucans, a fiber that helps to keep controlled the level of cholesterol and therefore collaborates avoiding possible cardiovascular complications.

This delicious mix helps to make rich pancakes in a short time. You only need to add water, beat until the mass gets thick and pour into pan. It is ideal for breakfast. Its taste is exquisite. Its great plus is that absolutely all its ingredients have an ecological certificate of quality. This ensures that its components have been obtained naturally, without using strategies such as the use of herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers or transgenic engineering. Its essential ingredients are oats and egg white. Thanks to oats, you gain fiber and vitamins that serve to boost metabolism. For its part, egg white provides proteins necessary to increase both muscle and other tissues. In addition, the presence of fibers that allow to capture the excess of fats in foods and remove them through the digestive tract, while helping to keep LDL-type cholesterol in the blood. Undoubtedly, this product is as healthy as delicious and highly recommended.

Facts of Pancakes Pro from Pancakes Diet

  • 100% natural mix
  • Free of chemical additives
  • Very easy to prepare
  • Exquisite taste
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and proteins
  • Delicious, healthy and practical

With this mix you are able to swiftly and quickly prepare delicious pancakes, which have the enormous advantage of being 100% natural, since they are made from raw ingredients.

Recommended Use: add 35 grams of Pancakes Pro to 50 ml of water. Stir for 5 seconds and pour the mix in a pan. Estimated time: 4 minutes.

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