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Brillant Tank Top - Oxyfit

Brillant Tank Top from Oxyfit is a beautiful garment for sports use. It sticks to the body, but does not cause any discomfort on the skin. It is made of a beautiful fabric that has a brilliant touch. It allows wide mobility in the arms, being therefore ideal for fitness, running and any body activity that requires a wider range of movements in the arms.

    Brillant Tank Top from Oxyfit

    Brillant Tank Top from Oxyfit is one more sample of the recent taste for the production of clothes that meets with sports standards and also fashionable.

    It is extremely comfortable, ideal for areas where it is quite hot, also allows to keep body anatomy ventilated, giving a touch of coquetry and bohemian to those who wear it. It fits very well to the waistline, outlining the figure in a splendid way. Its color has a brilliant touch that makes it striking, interesting and suggestive. It has the great advantage that it has UV protection, making it perfect for outdoors. Its fabrics have basically 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane. This makes it flexible, ergonomic and extremely light, so that it allows all body movements without any inconvenience. In this way, Brillant Tank Top from Oxyfit is an excellent garment for training. It combines fashion taste with the necessary comfort that an athlete needs, demonstrating that fashion and training can go hand in hand without problems.

    Since 2010, the Oxyfit company has left on the market the interest to show products of a very special nature. The idea is to make garments that meet all the requirements of the sport activity, but at the same time they are very striking, suggestive and of great visual aspect. Likewise, it has been tried to use elastic materials that allow to better show the figure, because sports and fashion can go hand in hand. In the case of Brillant Tank Top from Oxyfit, it is possible to have a very light garment. Its straps help keep your arms free, making it perfect for fitness, runnig, dumbbell lifting and any other activity that requires extensive mobility of the upper limbs. Its texture is hardly felt on the skin, even when it is designed to be attached to the skin. Its fabric allows ventilation, as it has spaces that allow it. There are many advantages offered, being a good accessory in the wardrobe of every person who loves athletic activities.

    Facts of Brillant Tank Top from Oxyfit

    • Ergonomic and comfortable
    • Ideal for training
    • Beautiful fabric with a touch of brightness
    • Combines sports with aesthetics
    • Does not bother the skin
    • Allows mobility in the arms

    Thanks to this garment, you can have the opportunity to practice training with much comfort. It does not disturb the skin and also allows the arms for wide movements.

    Recommended Use: wear it in sports activity, wash it quickly. Not for everyday use.

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