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Sparkly Red Bermudas - Oxyfit

Sparkly Red Bermudas from Oxyfit is a great alternative to mix the current fashion with sports in a perfect way. This is a garment that has been made of a material of the highest quality, which makes this garment light and comfortable, which in turn allows a wide range of movements.

    Sparkly Red Bermudas from Oxyfit, without seams that irritate the skin.

    Sparkly Red Bermudas from Oxyfit is a sports garment, but that at the same time is perfectly usable in other occasions. Made of elastic material that perfectly adapts to the body anatomy extended from the hip to the upper area of the knees.

    It is designed to give maximum comfort, without thick seams that bring friction or discomfort on the skin. Likewise, it does not generate any type of discomfort in the delicate body region of the crotch. To this it is added that it is extremely light, reason why it does not cause any fatigue. It can be used for jogging, running, cycling, yoga, gymnastics and many other activities where a lot of freedom of movement is needed. Its red color is quite striking, to which is added its visual effect of bright appearance. All this gives a flirty, refined and fashionable air. It is not a simple garment, of rough aspect, but it is thought to wear it in the gym and in other sports places. Likewise, it is perfect for use in casual events, weekends and in situations where you should be presentable and at the same time dressed in a comfortable way.

    For some years, sportswear have come out of the specialized field of the athletic environment and have begun to be used in other circumstances. Clothing worn for sports is also preferred for casual circumstances. And it is that people love to feel comfortable, freed from other clothes, where they are forced to wear ties or tight sizes. That is why the sportswear segment has been a favorite for parties, summer activities, weekends and social events where people relax. In addition, sport has become a meeting and company activity. People do not just go to the gym to train, but also to chat, make friends, and show themselves in a flurry of coquetry. For this type of circumstances, Sparkly Red Bermudas from Oxyfit has been created, which is a garment of exquisite design and at the same time perfect for all training.

    Facts of Sparkly Red Bermudas from Oxyfit

    • An ergonomic garment
    • Fits the anatomy
    • Refined red and shiny fabric
    • Ideal for sports and social events
    • No uncomfortable seams that cause chafing
    • It is at the same time a sporting and casual garment

    To use this shorts involves putting on a rather refined garment and at the same time serves to perform exercises. In this way combines the elegant and the fashion, with the rude and demanding sports garments.

    Recommended Use: wash this clothing with care, keep it dry and avoid using it for moments of rest or sleep.

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