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White Ripped Bermudas - Oxyfit

White Ripped Bermudas from Oxyfit is part of a range of garments designed for the sports and casual segment. It is very comfortable and can be worn for jogging, or attending outdoor events on weekends or summer days. Very ergonomic, this garment is fashionable, without losing its qualities as a sports garment.

    White Ripped Bermudas from Oxyfit, ideal for walking outdoors.

    White Ripped Bermudas from Oxyfit is an excellent sports garment and also combines the glamor of fashion and design.

    This is a recent trend, which consists of assuming that clothes for training and athletic activity require much more than comfort and ergonomics. It is argued that such clothes are part of fashion and that exercise is not a mere practical action. In contrast, going to gyms is a social activity where people need to wear their best outfit to be seen in public. In addition, it happens that sportswear is not only used at times of body or training routines. These types of garments have become what is called "casual wear". There are even people who do not run sports disciplines, but who nevertheless wear them during their weekends or vacations several typical sports clothing. In this way, the product White Ripped Bermudas from Oxyfit becomes a versatile garment and for every occasion.

    Sportswear has to meet certain functional requirements that are inherent to the type of activity to which it refers. For example, it should be very comfortable and allow a wide range of movements. It should also allow sweating to be eliminated and the body properly ventilated. In addition, its fabric must be light and strong, without seams that would cause friction or discomfort. All these edges are covered by White Ripped Bermudas from Oxyfit, but in addition it has a series of additional ones that make it an extremely functional garment. It happens to be a garment for casual use, which can be used on occasions different to training. Perfect to go to the park or a simple walk through the city. Its appearance with a literal metallic piece and the detail of intentional rips give it a romantic and rebellious touch. Ideal for any age, are bermudas to look beautiful and at the same time very light.

    Facts of White Ripped Bermudas from Oxyfit

    • Ideal for jogging or outdoor
    • It is a casual garment
    • Perfect for summer days or weekends
    • Comfortable and ergonomic
    • Very good aesthetic appearance
    • With metallic detail on one side
    • It is ripped to look rebellious and casual.

    Sportswear has become the casual outfit of our day. They are not only used for sports, but have a touch of latest fashion and people are asked to be attractive and elegant.

    Recommended Use: wash carefully to maintain the white color of the fabric. Do not use for sleeping, as it may deteriorate.

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