Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD is a solution to muscle aches, sprains, bruises or general discomfort. The best ally to relieve your body at home after a busy day. It features an extra-soft cover to provide a wide degree of comfort. Likewise, due to its dimensions, it has the capacity to cover more space and increase its effectiveness on the skin.

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    Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD produces instant relief for general discomfort.

    Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD is a type of compress for recurrent use that can be applied to muscle aches, injuries or parts in which you suffer general discomfort. An option to recover the pleasant and natural feeling of your body. Ideal if you suffer from sprains or bruises.

    A reusable bag for relieving some muscles after a hard training. Undoubtedly, the best thing about this product is its effectiveness in covering areas of the skin without invading adjacent structures.

    Using Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD ensures gradual relief of muscle injuries. An excellent alternative that adapts with extreme ease to the affected area. Likewise, it can also be applied in order to relieve headaches, dental pain or tension in any area of ​​the body. This product is intended for instant, fast and effective muscular relief. Specially designed for your personal well-being, so you can resume your activities as soon as possible.

    Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD offers excellent results when it comes to the relieve of pain. If you choose to apply it to your skin in its coldest state, you will discover that it keeps its flexibility. A compress that provides the greatest of pleasures after a basic training. Additionally, it also includes a case for a comfortable and practical transfer. If the pain continues or is very recurrent, you have the opportunity to use your own Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD.

    The size of this advantages bag offers a more effective way of use. Unlike others, it can cover a greater area on your skin and produce a pleasant sensation, instantly. One of the aspects that makes it more attractive, is its capability to maintain cold or hot temperatures for a long time. There is no other product that could match this wonderful solution to your discomforts. Take some time for a refreshing therapy and enjoy all the sensations created by Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD.

    Facts of Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD

    • A reusable compress to apply to affected areas.
    • You can choose cold or hot temperatures.
    • Features a comfortable case.
    • Has a soft cover to provide greater comfort on the skin.
    • Also ideal for treating headaches, bruises or swellings.
    • Maintains temperatures for longer.
    • Effective relief in a short time.

    Reusable Cold/Heat Bag with Case from OXD is a foolproof option to treat basic ailments. A product to keep at home and use whenever you feel any discomfort.

    Recommended use: put the bag in the freezer if you require a cold temperature. On the other hand, put in a pot with hot water for 10 minutes, for a heat therapy. Then, proceed to apply it to the affected area with a towel in between.

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