Use Reusable Cold/Heat Bag from OXD during your sports competitions, training, directed or spontaneous breaks, rehabilitation processes, treatments that require intense heat or cold located in the part of the body that requires it or according to your needs and personal benefit.

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    Reusable Cold/Heat Bag from OXD: Healing Temperature. 

    Reusable Cold/Heat Bag from OXD has been developed by OXD as a way to raise or lower the temperature of the parts of the body affected by various circumstances. OXD is a true specialist in the creation of sports products and those for clinical support, all of very high quality and easy to use. OXD products comply with the concept of being integral in everything related to sports medicine and facilitate the lives of athletes.

    The design of Reusable Cold/Heat Bag from OXD follows the experience and study of the needs of athletes by health specialists, as well as of people dedicated to the care of their own body and those of their relatives. Its ease of transport and its property of retaining heat or cold, depending on the circumstances, make it the ideal product for use anywhere. Its dimensions make it advantageous to be applied to key areas of the body regardless of size such as head, torso or limbs.

    Facts of Reusable Cold/Heat Bag from OXD:

    • Developed by OXD for athletes, men, women and children who actively participate in the daily life of this modern and demanding society.
    • Its size of 130 x 260 mm, which makes it is ideal for use and transportation.
    • Retains and conducts heat or cold according to the needs and demands of those who use it.
    • Helps in the process of muscle recovery from injuries.
    • The application of heat or cold is part of the techniques used by physiotherapists to achieve rapid recovery and improvements in healing techniques.
    • Helps the joints and muscles.
    • Necessary at home because of the variety of benefits obtained with its application by men, women, children and the elderly.
    • Constitutes the modern and scientific version of remedies used by the grandmothers to combat abnormal blood pressure and generate rest when there is stress and/or pain.
    • You must have it at home for its quality, versatility and ease of use.

    Get now your own Reusable Cold/Heat Bag from OXD, which is a fantastic product to be taken to the training site, gym, beach, mountain, competitions where great stress or strong muscular efforts are generated. It is also essential in the home and in any emergency kit, for aesthetic applications and regenerative treatments or tone the skin and other organs that require such benefits. It is indispensable at home, work and gym.

    Recommended use: do not expose directly to the fire, keep some in your refrigerator in case you need them quickly, apply carefully to the affected areas according to your needs and following the rules of skin's hygiene and the body's, in general. Be sure that person treated is a comfortable position. Enjoy the benefits!

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