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Refreshing Shower Gel - 100 ml

Refreshing Shower Gel from OXD adapts to the strict demands of the skin of an athlete, since it offers a deep and excellent cleaning with everyday use, its formula removes impurities and maintains the natural pH of the dermis. In addition, it has organic components that provide the skin with nutrition, hydration and smoothness, without forgetting that it is the best gel to relax at shower time.

    Refreshing Shower Gel from OXD is what you need to get relaxed at shower time and give your skin a very splendid care.

    Refreshing Shower Gel from OXD is a splendid liquid soap for personal hygiene that was designed exclusively for those athletes or fitness enthusiasts who dedicate a lot of time and effort in training and then come home with a desire to take a relaxing shower.

    It has great components that provide a feeling of freshness, helping to tone and relax the body after a hard exercise routine. In addition, it has aloe vera extracts that moisturize, soften and clean the skin. This magnificent and practical refreshing shower gel is an excellent replacement for a bar of soap, as it allows a much better use in the shower, of course, providing more benefits when it comes to body cleaning, especially for those who spend many hours in training and require a product for personal hygiene that meets all your demanding physical needs.

    For starters, this pleasant refreshing shower gel has an advanced formula, mainly, with aloe vera and other organic active compounds that help maintain the natural and balanced pH of the skin, therefore, it is recommended for a splendid daily cleaning. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has aloe vera, it also hydrates and nourishes very deeply to show a healthier skin, almost immediately after having used it.

    Using Refreshing Shower Gel from OXD is 100% ideal to relax at shower time because its gelatinous texture is refreshing, gives a pleasant relaxing sensation on the skin and is toning, so it is a gel that feels very good after arriving from the gym or a very active day, and if you combine it with a very hot shower, the feeling of tranquility will be even more complacent.

    In addition to leaving your skin completely relaxed, Refreshing Shower Gel from OXD also cleans very well and softens, which is its main function: remove accumulated impurities in the dermis and renew all cells, so that the skin becomes smoother, clean and velvety. Undoubtedly, all these great benefits, combined with the lovely fragrance of this incredible gel, will immerse you in an intimate moment, full of health and perfect care.

    Facts of Refreshing Shower Gel from OXD  

    • Hydrates and nourishes the skin very deeply.
    • Provides the skin with smoothness, freshness and relaxation.
    • Helps maintain the natural pH.
    • Efficiently cleans the skin from every impurity.
    • Has organic extracts of aloe vera.

    Remember that not only your muscles use all their strength to meet the routine, in the same way, the skin is in constant work, so comfort it and give it the perfect care with that fabulous refreshing shower gel. In an instant you will feel pleasure, cleanliness, freshness and a lot of health on your skin.

    Recommended use: use this refreshing shower gel to clean your entire body, every day. You can use a bath sponge to facilitate its use.

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