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Heat Cream Intense - 100 ml

Heat Cream Intense from OXD can be your best ally at the time of training. Apply a pleasant and natural warmth to your muscles, with this topical product that acts with high efficiency, even if you are in a very cold weather season. It is also great to alleviate ailments in muscles and joints that occur chronically, when taking heat therapy.

    Heat Cream Intense from OXD is what you need to warm up your muscles and train safely. Great to exercise in winter, with much desire and vigor!

    Heat Cream Intense from OXD is a professional cream to warm up your muscles and train without risking injury. It is a high quality topical product, which is easily absorbed by the skin. In addition, it does not leave the epidermis sticky, nor does it stain the clothes.

    There will be no winter to stop your training, if you use this cream on your muscles. Add this product to your stretching and heating routines, you will love it! You will begin to feel the vasodilatory activation, which can be noticed as a pleasant heat that prepares your lean tissue to be flexible and give the best in sports practice. This cream is especially good for those who practice bodybuilding, CrossFit or weightlifting.

    However, Heat Cream Intense from OXD serves for any discipline, because it also improves the warm-up and helps achieve greater physical elasticity. Add the application of this cream to your routines in order to make sure you are ready with really minimal risk of suffering injuries of any kind. Under a really extreme winter, you may have a dilemma. If you train, you may give yourself a cramp due to the cold, and if you do not do it, you will damage your physical condition and everything you have achieved with your strict routine. But fear not, the good news is that this cream will activate your body in a completely safe way and will make your muscles have the best disposition to work without getting injured.

    Heat Cream Intense from OXD will also give you an option to apply a very effective heat therapy. If you are already facing an injury, you can massage the affected part using this product in order to favor its recovery. It is a wonderful alternative for people suffering from joint problems, due to the passage of time. It has camphor and vanillin by-products, and comes with two levels of intensity to apply according to the occasion and the preferences of every athlete. It provides a really complete relief for muscular pains and will help you to overcome all kinds of problems you may have when training with high intensity.

    Facts of Heat Cream Intense from OXD

    • Contains camphor and vanillin.
    • Easily absorbed by the skin.
    • Does not leave the epidermis sticky.
    • Does not stain clothes.
    • Provides rapid heat in the muscles.
    • Ideal for warming up and stretching in cold weather.
    • Very useful for heat therapies.
    • Relieves discomfort caused by injuries or joint problems.

    Heat Cream Intense from OXD is a very valuable resource to activate your muscles and achieve a safe workout. Use it to ensure that warm-up and stretching take place in the best way, especially in a cold weather where those can be difficult. It relieves the discomfort caused by injuries you already have, and offers a good heat therapy for people who suffer from chronic physical discomfort.

    Recommended use: apply it topically in order to warm up the muscles.

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