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Heat Cream Intense - 200 ml

Heat Cream Intense from OXD has the power to warm the muscles, promote it and help reduce the risk of suffering an injury. It is a product made with camphor and vanillin derivatives. It has a light texture, is absorbed quickly, does not leave the skin sticky and does not stain clothes. Ideal for athletes and physically active people to use before the practice of physical activities.

    Heat Cream Intense from OXD is the product that all athletes need to have in their training kit.

    This is an ideal cream to use before sports practice, because it has the ability to warm up the muscles quickly and efficiently.

    This great product has been developed through the mix of camphor with vanillin derivatives, as they provide a perfect thermal sensation. OXD's spectacular Heat Cream Intense is a perfect product for athletes to prepare their muscles before training, thus reducing the warm-up time. It is a great cream, easy to apply, that does not stain clothes and does not leave sticky sensations on the skin.

    With the application of this cream you can warm up the muscles quickly, which is also perfect for those moments where physical activities are carried out at low temperatures. In addition, it important to mention that this cream is safe and highly effective. Heat Cream Intense from OXD has what it takes to give a good thermal sensation, to promote your muscular flexibility, reduce the risk of suffering an injury, discomfort and terrible cricks. A great product that stands out for its power, excellent light texture, for how quickly it manages to be absorbed, and for all the benefits it can provide.

    Many athletes like a warm sensation in their muscles, because they do not have to spend a lot of time warming up, or they have to train in places with low temperatures, or like to do intense exercises. For these reasons and more, the fantastic Heat Cream Intense from OXD has been developed as a special cream to provides the muscles with a nice warm sensation, benefits your muscles, has quality components and incredible properties to offer. With the use of this powerful product, you will feel very well and thus you will get the most out of yours muscles. Do not wait any longer and enjoy this unique product.

    Facts of Heat Cream Intense from OXD

    • Completely and quickly absorbed.
    • Does not leave the slightest stain on clothes.
    • Does not leave sticky sensations on the skin.
    • Has a light texture that facilitates its use.
    • Contributes to reduce the risk of suffering an injury.
    • Favors the flexibility of the muscles.
    • Provides a perfect warm sensation for the muscles.
    • Helps reduce the risk of jerks or discomfort.

    Heat Cream Intense from OXD is the cream that all athletes should have in their training kit, as it offers the best benefits for their livelihood. In addition, this excellent cream provides a warm sensation, favors your muscles and helps reduce the risk of getting an injury. No doubt, the best cream you can use!

    Recommended use: as a product for external use, apply using a gentle massage on the desired area. Use before training.

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