At last! A product ideal for highly competitive athletes and also for all those who care about the protection of areas that cause friction or the interactions that come from the intense activities of a competition or constant friction between their own skin and outfit worn.

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    Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline from OXD. Use it at any time you need.

    Developed by an intensive process dedicated to the protection of the body, Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline from OXD is a product designed to protect your skin from inclement weather, rubbing or friction, is also a wonderful and incredible for making the skin smoother, is a protector in the cases in which processes such as the application of hair dyes or other similar treatments are carried out, as well as helping the skin to recover from depilatory processes required either by health or aesthetics

    Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline from OXD maintains the moisture required by your lips in order to keep them soft and healthy, helps strengthen and grow our hair and even the eyebrows, in addition, if the scalp is rubbed with it, the circulation gets improved, thus helping to improve the appearance of your hair and favoring the blood irrigation of the same and as a result, strengthening the hair; by keeping the skin moisturized, it prevents the appearance of fine lines and facilitate the facial massages necessary to have the face, neck, hands and arms toned and maintain the smoothness of the skin.

    Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline from OXD comes in a practical presentation that allows its use and transport very easily, so it can be taken with ease to the gym, in the field of training, at home and at school, in our vehicle or while training using machines. It is indispensable at home, in the field and office and can be used by everyone, including housewives, sportsmen, workers and executives, pilots, farmers, babies and grandparents.

    Facts of Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline from OXD:

    • Excellent to moisten the lips and skin.
    • Strengthens hair and hair follicles.
    • Its use on the skin delays the appearance of fine lines.
    • Facilitates the process of body and capillary massages.
    • Maintains the smoothness of the skin.
    • Protects the skin from friction with clothes.
    • Works as a protective layer of the skin at all times.
    • Helps in the recovery of the skin from depilatory processes.

    Technology has made possible the creation of this wonderful product, one to always have at your fingertips, which is essential for people of all ages, either babies, seniors and children, they all are permanent users of Sports Dermoprotective Vaseline from OXD. Its practical design in addition to all the benefits it provides make it an indispensable product for the home and for the whole family. You and your family need it to take care of and keep your body healthy, strong and energetic. Get it now!

    Recommended use: use it daily by applying it directly to the skin of face, lips or the part of the body that you want to moisturize or protect before any sports, work, rest or recreational activity, according to the need that arises.

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