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Intense Cooling Gel - 100 ml

Intense Cooling Gel from OXD has as function to relieve, and at the same time, tone your muscles after an exercise routine, in order to have a faster recovery in the event that your muscles ache. It is not sticky but quickly to be absorbed.

    Intense Cooling Gel from OXD is perfect for living a full life without pain.

    If you do exercises regularly or you practice a sport that require intense efforts, such as tennis, swimming or martial arts, then you surely have noticed that your muscles get achy and weary, such intense can be the discomfort that you may not be able to continue training and you may have even tried all homemade remedies that exist and yet none relieves the pain. But from now on, if you use Intense Cooling Gel from OXD, you will be able to get rid of the physical pains that prevent your training from going smoothly. All you need to do is to massage your muscles using this wonderful gel; as a result, your muscles and joints will recover immediately.

    Alcohol, menthol and vegetable extracts are the components that make up the excellent Intense Cooling Gel from OXD, which are a perfect mix as they keep amazing properties in the product, namely, analgesic and balsamic, which are responsible for the feeling of relief you get with the use of this product and powerful results in the muscles, in addition, they will help you to heal faster an injured muscle, which might be causing you a lot of discomfort, thus reducing the blood flow. Other advantages of this product is due the texture of this gel, which is extremely to soft touch, and best of all, upon having a massage your skin will not feel sticky as it is quickly absorbed by the skin, which is great!

    Intense Cooling Gel from OXD has multiple benefits for you, as it gives your muscles and joints a cold effect that acts as a anti-inflammatory, so there will not be particular injuries, the circulation of blood will be much better and all thanks to this effect which also will speed up the blood flow and helping recycle dead cells that build up by training. Also, you will enjoy benefits, such as reduction of cramps, swelling, pain, and another great one it has to offer is that by putting this cold gel on any area of your body you can prevent the risk of getting injured.

    Facts of Intense Cooling Gel from OXD

    • Post training.
    • Relieves aching muscles after an intense exercise routine.
    • Promotes the recovery of muscles subjected to stress.
    • Cold/Heat effect.
    • With refreshing effect on the skin.
    • Quick absorption.

    With Intense Cooling Gel from OXD, no muscle pain will stop you from finishing your exercises successfully, as the only thing you need to do is using this gel once on any part of your body that you feel discomfort, which will wear off completely. The results are so great that will not remember the pain the next day. This is a wonderful product you must have; don't you agree?

    Recommended use: use it after every training, apply it using a gentle massage.

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