Cooling Gel from OXD Sport is an amazing, efficient and refreshing tonic that is indicated for the improvement and recovery of muscles in an effective way after an intense workout, acting as a muscle relaxant against any discomfort, feeling of tightness, overload or fatigue, thus helping to recover the body well-being quickly.

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    Recover the well-being of your muscles after an intense day of exercises. Cool and tone up your muscles with the new Cooling Gel from OXD Sport!

    Cooling Gel from OXD Sport is a wonderful product for external use, which has been designed from the mix of incredible active principles of the ingredients used for its formulation, which stimulate the easy and quick improvement and recovery of your muscles and joints after an exercise session in which you have use you strength or after a competition.

    Cooling Gel from OXD Sport is ideal for sportsmen who are dedicated to train using weights, which require a lot of effort and cause wear to muscles. It is also perfect for high performance runners, baseball players, football players, bicycle racers, fitness lovers, and more. In a nutshell, it is a tonic perfect for you if you love sports involving the execution of routines in which great efforts are required in order to get an efficient muscle and joint relaxation after exercises.

    Cooling Gel from OXD Sport is made based on mentol and alcohol, combined with the wonderful properties of the natural extracts of rosemary (for its revitalizing power), mint (for its refreshing, soothing, antispasmodic action) and eucalyptus (for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing benefits); which also have other balsamic properties that act efficiently in the increase and absorption of cold, getting a quick and notorious decline in the muscle fatigue and the feeling of tightness that occurs in the muscles after the completion of an intense exercise.

    Facts of Cooling Gel from OXD Sport

    • This product acts as a tonic for muscles and joints, by its refreshing and antispasmodic action.
    • Relieves the feeling of weakness, pain derived from fatigue, tightness and tone up the muscles.
    • Easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling.
    • Designed for sportsmen which are dedicated to weightlifting, high performance sports or taking exercises that demand large efforts from the muscles.
    • Provides a relaxing feeling of freshness that helps to relieve muscular discomfort.
    • Product with light consistency, easy application and expansion for a broader coverage of the desired areas.

    Cooling Gel from OXD Sport is an excellent product designed to be applied after training with massages. With its use, you can achieve maximum muscle relaxation, plus providing a great feeling of relief against tear and pain in tissues, which may occur in an intense routine of physical activity.

    Recommended use: as a product for external use, put this wonderful Cooling Gel from OXD Sport on the skin of the part you want to treat after a training day or competition on the area desired by massaging it smoothly on muscles until completely absorbed by the skin.

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