Ovofull Basic Instant - 908 g

Ovofull Basic Instant by Ovofull the new product made from instant egg white, in a new container of 908 grams.

Ovofull Basic Instant - 908 g

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Egg protein Ovofull Basic Instant is special for shakes (Egg white, dehydrated and instant)

Main features of the product:

  • Complete biological value. 
  • Complete assimilation by taking it as a shake. 
  • Perfect dissolution of the product without clumping. 
  • Does not need refrigeration for storage. 
  • Contains full aminogram of all essential amino acids and branched.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals. 
  • Does not contain preservatives or dyes. 
  • Without added sugar, fat and cholesterol. 
  • Formulated without lactose, without GMO free gluten. 
  • Salmonella free. 

Ovofull Basic Instant™ is an instant egg white supplement developed by Ovofull team. 

Each scoop of Ovofull Basic Instant™ equals to 8g of protein = 1.6 egg whites. 

Special for drinking in shakes!

Suggested use

Put in a blender of dairy, soy, fruit juices or nutritional supplements and add 1 scoop of the product, stir at least 3 seconds and ready to drink. 
1 scoop of Basic / Instant (30g) equals to 25.2 grams of protein = 8 egg whites aprox. 

Keep healthy habits, exercise and maintain a balanced diet. 

Reviews Ovofull Basic Instant - 908 g

  • 10/21/2015

Se disuelve muy bien y me aporta las proteínas necesarias para complementar mi desayuno.

    • 08/22/2016

    Es de buen sabor y calidad

      2017-07-11 00:44:09
      Hola, quería saber si el producto Ovofull Basic Instant contiene trazas de leche (proteína de leche y lactosa), soja y gluten ya que soy alérgico a ambas y solo puedo tomar proteína de huevo.
      2017-07-11 10:07:32
      Buenos dias , no contiene gluten y lactosa y apto para vegetarianos. un saludo gracias.
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