The New Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary from Optimum Nutrition is made with synthetic fibers of the highest quality to guarantee experience when training without equal thanks to the freshness and ventilation that are gained using it, making it ideal for physical activity.

Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary

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The New Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary from Optimum NutritionComfort and freshness for your workouts

Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary from Optimum Nutrition combines an avant-garde design, youthful and with the best material to offer you a quality, resistant  and durable shirt that will undoubtedly be your ideal companion for your training days where comfort and freshness will make a difference in your performance. Its unique design allows it to adapt to the body avoiding that it is entangled during the movement, which will allow you to develop better in any training or exercise that you realize. Its elaboration is carried out using the best synthetic fibers available in the market with which an effective antiperspirant effect is guaranteed, that is to say, the sweat will not pass the shirt, avoiding formations of humidity that can remain in the benches or the tables of exercise. More than just benefits, Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary from Optimum Nutrition will allow you to look like a professional putting a leading brand in nutritional supplementation on your chest.

Garments are an important part of the equipment that must be taken when performing physical training because more than a matter of style, the design takes into account the functionality of the garment. This is a goal that is taken very seriously by Optimum Nutrition, a brand that brings you your New Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary, a t-shirt designed to fit your body and be used both inside and outside the gym. Its combination of fabrics and synthetic fibers result in a top quality t-shirt that guarantees durability and comfort, keeping you fresh and dry by preventing the sweat from filtering on the outside of the shirt, allowing a rapid evaporation of sweat, avoiding this so that the shirt is overloaded with liquid and therefore apply more weight on the body of the athlete or sportsman.

Facts of the Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary

  • Material of high quality, durability and resistance
  • Avoids perspiration through the shirt
  • Adaptable to the body to avoid undesirable plies
  • Accelerates evaporation of sweat
  • Provides comfort and freshness
  • Advanced design, functionality and style

Start using professional sportswear starting with a The New Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary from Optimum Nutrition and feel the comfort and functionality offered by this garment designed to fit your body and accompany you properly during the most rigorous workouts.

Recommended Use: Sports or casual t-shirt, ideal for use in the gym or outside.

Opiniones de Special T-Shirt ON 30 Anniversary

  • 10/17/2016

Thanx, nice FREE t shirt. Good quality and nice material.

    ¿Puedo escoger la talla? 2019-03-31 13:22:03
    ¿Puedo escoger la talla?
    Carlos Neptuno 2019-04-01 09:51:11
    Hola, buenos días. Si se refiere a la camiseta de la promoción la talla que actualmente queda disponible es una XL. Un saludo.
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