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Protein Whipped Bites - 76 g

Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition are bars perfect to eat as a snack between meals or before or after training. They are bars covered with chocolate, have a good content of protein, fiber and do not contain sugars added. Ideal for sportsmen, athletes, physically active people or those who want a better protein intake.

    Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition are the bars with the highest protein content and the best flavor on the market.

    These are some especially delicious bars covered with chocolate that have an excellent protein content, do not have sugars added and are high in fiber.

    Very special bars that stand out for their lightness, incredible texture, delicious taste and for the great benefits they bring to the body. Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition is the perfect product to eat after or before training, as it provides what is necessary to stimulate the correct recovery of the muscles and provides the best amount of protein. Take a smart step today by enriching your workouts and giving your body what it needs with the best bar of all.

    This is a food supplement that has been made with the important whey protein, which can be absorbed quickly by the body and muscles, and thus ends up promoting a quick recovery and the correct repair of the muscle fiber. Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition is a great product with which you will favor your body, your daily workouts and you will be delighted with its unparalleled flavor. These are high-quality bars that recommended to sportsmen, athletes and physically active people who want a better recovery or to support their body with an excellent source of protein.

    It is time for you to eat a snack that is both delicious and nutritious. To that end, these special bars are produced and presented to you. Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition is a supplement that will support your body, will favor you during or after workouts and it will provide you with an important amount of fiber. We must also emphasize that its contribution of protein is the best and that it has an incredible texture and lightness that allows you to take it anywhere very easily. You should not overlook these bars because they are made to meet your needs, bring you the best benefits, delight with its properties and help you get better every day.

    Facts of Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition

    • Has a high fiber content.
    • Delicious bars covered with chocolate.
    • Does not have sugars added.
    • Favors a quick recovery.
    • Helps in the repair of muscles.
    • Light bars.
    • Easy to transport.
    • Provides an excellent amount of protein.
    • Delicious flavor and great texture.
    • Ideal for before or after working out.

    These are the best and most amazing bars that you will find. Protein Whipped Bites from Optimum Nutrition provides protein, has a great fiber content, is light enough, perfect to consume before or after training, has a beautiful design and has been created to bring you the best benefits, and a great taste.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, consume between meals, before or after workouts.

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