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Optimum Protein Bar - 60g

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Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition is a high-protein food supplement, ideal for physically active people who require extra energy to perform any kind of activity; it is perfect to consume after training or as a snack between your main meals; it can be consumed by vegetarians.

    Enjoy a delicious snack and fill your body with extra energy with Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition, a product that guarantees you a unique experience with an incomparable taste.

    Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition is a great protein bar to consume at any time of the day, particularly between the main meals, it is perfect for those who follow specific diets, because it is very healthy and has an excellent flavor; it provides the necessary amount of protein that will help keep you active during the day. Now, this product is made with quality natural ingredients, such as dark Belgian chocolate, crunchy caramel, among other ingredients that may vary according to the taste of the product, to add

    What is Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition?

    • Food product
    • It is covered with dark Belgian chocolate
    • Delicious taste and soft texture inside
    • It comes in several flavors, such as chocolate with peanut butter, rocky road, among others
    • It has high protein content
    • Does not contain added sugars
    • Ideal to eat as a snack or appetizer
    • It can be consumed after training
    • Consumption recommended for both women and men
    • Ideal for sports people and/or athletes

    Ingredients and Format of Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition 

    Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition comes in a bar presentation, it has a delicious, soft and creamy base inside, covered with crunchy caramel and on top of it, dark Belgian chocolate, to give it a wonderful finish and touch that will be pleasant to everyone's taste buds; it has several flavors, chocolate with peanut butter, rocky road, chocolate with caramel, among others.

    Content per 60 gr (rocky road flavor), may vary according to flavor:

    • It has an energy value of 202 KCal
    • It contains 5.9 grams of fats, of which 3.3 grams are saturated.
    • It has 19 grams of carbohydrates, of which 1.5 grams are sugars.
    • It contains 6.5 g fiber
    • It has 20 g of protein, among other natural ingredients.

    Benefits of Optimum Protein Bar by Optimum Nutrition

    This wonderful bar is the ideal option when choosing a product to snack or as an appetizer, promoting in those who consume it to have a healthier lifestyle, complementing in this way the daily protein intake. In this order of ideas, they can be taken anywhere, whether in the car, backpack, among others, and thus consume them whenever you want; Optimum Protein Bars by Optimum Nutrition are perfect to take as a snack to work, university or on walking days; in addition, they help to recover energy after sports training.

    Optimum Protein Bar from Optimum Nutrition are great for anyone, either man or woman, who wants or needs to incorporate protein into their diet and at the same time wants to enjoy an extremely delicious snack. With reference to the above, they can be consumed by amateur or professional athletes and/or sports people without fear of damaging their diet, since it is an essential part of achieving their physical progress; sweeten your palate and at the same time cover your protein needs for the day; suitable for vegetarians.

    ¿Cómo se toma el Optimum Protein Bar?

    • Consume the bars, according to your preference.
    • Consume at snack time or after training.
    • Consume during the day.

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