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Whey Protein Complex - 2.2kg

Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is a protein powder made from a mixture of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. It benefits muscle recovery, maintenance of muscle mass and protein synthesis. Ideal for sportsmen, athletes and people who want to maintain their muscle mass.

    Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is the perfect protein that you need so much in your life.

    Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is a protein powder, which has been designed for sportsmen, athletes or people who lead an active lifestyle. It is a very special food supplement that provides protein that comes from milk, which is very good because these carbohydrates are excellent to provide energy, support muscle development and contribute to better muscle recovery. This food supplement improves body constitution, improves sports performance and considerably reduces muscle damage. Therefore, it is also recommended to people who want to maintain their muscle mass and prevent the loss of it.

    Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is made from a protein that is obtained from whey, which is produced by the coagulation of milk. It is a complete protein of the highest quality, contains all essential amino acids. The best thing about whey protein is that the body absorbs it faster than any other protein and that makes it a truly important supplement for athletes, although it is also ideal for those who seek to obtain protein in a more comfortable and easy way. It is recommended to fitness people, people who want to get protein and people who want to protect themselves from muscle damage. Improve your quality of life with this food supplement.

    Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is a product very easy and quick to prepare, suitable to take it 3 times a day. This is a product that has great nutritional value, thanks to the methods with which it was prepared. It is the perfect combination of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, obtained through careful processes that maintain the intact qualities of the proteins and that maintains the total function of the bioactive peptides. Do not forget that whey protein is very powerful and is necessary for sportsmen, athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle. This powerful supplement has important benefits, such as improving body built and considerably helping the maintenance of muscle mass.

    Facts of Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport

    • Benefits the protein synthesis.
    • Contains sugar and sweeteners.
    • Easy and quick to prepare.
    • Helps to maintain muscle mass.
    • Benefits the protein synthesis.
    • Reduces muscle damage.
    • Promotes muscle recovery.
    • Provides high quality proteins.

    Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Sport is a powerful food supplement that will provide your body with the proteins it so badly needs. Physical training is good for the body, but it is also important to have a diet rich in protein. We must take into account that as time goes by the muscle mass begins to decrease and that is not beneficial. Try this product to have a healthy life and a well-maintained muscle mass.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take from one to three servings a day. Before breakfast, between meals and after training or before bedtime. Mix 35 g or 4 spoonfuls in 150 ml of water.

    Questions and answers
    Whey protein complex contiene BCCA dentro de sus ingredientes, gracias
    2020-03-09 08:42:27 Juan Carlos Pellon Bernardino
    Hola Juan Carlos! Claro, la propia proteína en su aminograma ya contiene una alta cantidad de Bcaa. Un saludo!
    2020-03-09 10:36:36 Joel
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