30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport is a practical and very healthy option to strengthen the protein and nutrient needs during training. It contains 60% slow-digesting micellar casein, 30% whey, 10% omega 3 and 6 acids, and linoleic acid. It weighs only 60 grams. It is easy to carry and eat anywhere.

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    30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport is ideal to supplement nutrition.

    With 30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport it now is much easier and practical to supplement the nutrition that must be maintained during a workout. It is a healthy snack that has been prepared with a complete supply of proteins that provide energy. It contains 60% of slow-digesting micellar casein, 30% of whey with reconstitutive properties and 10% of very important vitamins such as omegas acids 3 and 6. It also has linoleic acid. This bar is ideal to supplement the food outside the home, and to recover strength when leaving the gym.

    With the fast pace of daily life, it is not easy to eat healthy regularly. Extensive schedules and late training sessions make it difficult to eat a meal at regular and safe times. That's why 30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport is a very useful product. Its composition is natural and also delicious. It is the best choice when it comes to satisfy the appetite and is a great supplement to nutrition, when you have not been able to eat within a routine feeding schedule. While it is not a complete meal replacement, it is a good option to provide nutrients to the body and ensure its daily balance.

    30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport contains concentrated proteins, which are a valuable source of energy. It is a good snack, which can be an excellent choice to control anxieties and avoid eating foods that could have a negative effects on training. Other bars of this type are actually empty of calories. That is, products that do not provide any kind of nutrients and that on the contrary contribute to the organism with sugars, artificial colorings and preservatives. This bar has been made with a complete variety of nutrients, and with delicious tastes, that do not affect its quality negatively.

    Facts of 30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport

    • 30% whey
    • 60% miscellar caffeine slow digestion
    • 10% omega 3 and 6, linoleic acid
    • total weight of 60 g

    30% Protein Twister Bar from Olimp Sport is a healthy option to supplement the nutrition during training. It has sweet flavors but keeps calories low. The consumption of these bars does not replace a healthy and nutritious meal. The input of vitamins, proteins and other essential nutrients are still in the range of a balanced diet. But it is a good option to supplement the nutrients at the end of a training session, or eat something healthy when you are away from home.

    Recommended use: only take a maximum of 3 bars per day. Remember that it is just an occasional snack.

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