Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport are gloves that have been specially designed for women. These gloves protect the hands and wrists from injuries, in the same way that they prevent hardness and calluses from appearing. A very well made and designed product, perfect for everyday workouts. Gloves of great quality, modern design and hard-wearing.

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    Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport is the perfect accessory to accompany the girls in their workouts.

    It is an excellent product that has been designed to facilitate training and prevent injuries. The gloves are made of a flexible material that covers the outside, have a special handle that allows them to be easily put on or taken off and have an internal hem that allows a better grip. Best of all, they are high quality and hard-wearing gloves. This incredible product will not only help during training, it will also protect your hands and wrists from injury. Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport is a product worth using. Designed especially for women.

    Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport is an incredible product that has a modern design, is of high quality and has been developed for women who train and exercise. These gloves prevent hardness from appearing on the hands, provide a comfortable grip, prevent pain from dumbbell pressure, provide protection for the wrists and prevent sweat from making hands slippery, thanks to the material from which it was made, which offers a very good ventilation and guarantees the perfect fit. This amazing product will make your workouts more enjoyable and safer. You will feel much more comfortable wearing these gloves during workouts, they are excellent.

    They are special gloves that provide the protection and comfort you need at the time of training, that way they allow you to give your best. Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport is a product that you must include in your training bag or backpack, since it will be very useful for you. In addition, with this pair of gloves you can avoid injuries caused by the dumbbell and have a sweaty hands, as well as avoid the discomfort of friction and the pressure of the metal in your hands. Without a doubt, they will motivate you to give the best in training and they will make you look modern. They are the training gloves that you need so much.

    Facts of Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport

    • Flexible material on the outer layer.
    • Provides ventilation.
    • Fits hands very well.
    • Modern design.
    • Protects the wrists.
    • Provides protection and comfort.
    • Prevents the appearance of calluses and hardness.
    • Designed for women.

    They are ideal gloves for everyday workouts, as they provide you with the comfort, protection and safety you need. Training Gloves One+ from Olimp Sport is the true and important ally for women. Do not hesitate to wear it, as they will be of great help and make you look great. Take advantage of all the benefits this incredible product offers you!

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory, it is ideal to use for daily workouts or to take them to the gym.

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