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Training Gloves One - Olimp Sport

Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport is high quality pair of gloves that has been designed to protect the hands and wrists from lesions, in addition to preventing the appearance of calluses and hard skin, designed for women, perfect for daily workouts, with modern and comfortable design.

    Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport, only for women, perfect for training without hurting their wrists and hands.

    The wonderful Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport are of very good quality, which have been designed specifically for women and thus facilitate their daily workouts, and without suffering lesions, or the appearance of calluses and hard skin. Each pair of Training Gloves ONE is made of a completely flexible material that covers the external part of the glove, this same material offers a good ventilation to your hands preventing the hands from getting sweaty and slippery, besides having an internal hem that gives them offers a better grip and a special handle so that you can put on or take off the gloves with greater ease, the design of the Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport is completely modern and excellent to combine them with other garments, it is excellent for the daily workouts for a long time and perfect to train without ending with lesions in the hands or wrists, so that you give it all in your workouts.

    The Training Gloves are super comfortable and adjustable, they are very reliable as they prevent hands and wrists from getting hurt during daily workouts, making them more pleasant and that you feel safe to train without fear of injury. Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport are the pair of gloves indicated to provide the protection and safety that every woman needs at the time of their daily workouts, besides that these gloves are so flexible and comfortable that you can carry them in your sports backpack, since they are completely efficient and comfortable for use. The Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport are black gloves with bare toes, with the image of Olimp Sport on the front, making it match with any other sportswear, in addition, they have a wonderful and modern style.

    Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport is the perfect pair of gloves for women who perform daily training, thanks to its comfort, flexibility and strength, it is perfect not to hurt your hands, wrists and avoid the appearance of hard skin and calluses. Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport are ideal for all types of training, in addition to its modern design that combines with any other sportswear that you wear during training and thanks to the material with which they are made, your hands do not end up sweaty and slippery, which makes these gloves of top quality and very effective during its use, also they do not produce discomfort on the hands, so it is indicated and recommendable to have them in all training for better results.

    Facts of Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport

    • Modern design.
    • Comfortable.
    • For the protection of wrists and hands.
    • For women.
    • Of flexible material.
    • Do not cause sweating.
    • Adjustable to the hand.
    • Easy to put on.

    Training Gloves ONE from Olimp Sport is the pair of gloves ideal for women to perform their workouts, thanks to its comfortable design that combines with everything, you can perform your activities without hurting your wrists or hands, a high quality product.

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory, wear to perform your daily workouts with confidence.

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