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TCM 1100 - 400 capsules

TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport is a wonderful product that has been designed for those people who are fully active in all their daily activities, this is because this product is able to improve the physical performance of athletes and sportsmen who wish to improve their physical ability in training or high intensity exercises.

    TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport: the perfect supplement for you, effective for intense and short-time workouts.

    TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport is an excellent product capable of improving the physical performance of those sportsmen and athletes who wish to improve their ability in high intensity training in the most effective way, since it has a very important ingredient that works in a coordinated manner in the body so that it managed to obtain the benefits of this product. Tri-Creatine malate or also known as creatine malate (which is a kind of salt that is formed by creatine and malic acid), is an ingredient capable of improving the creatine that our body produces naturally, which gives us the excellent physical performance that our body needs, so that we perform the diverse physical activities of high intensity and short duration, since it helps to improve the recovery of all the muscles and is also able to give it to the body the energy necessary to continue training.

    TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport is a wonderful product that is completely made up of Malate Creatine or Tri-Creatine malate (which is an ingredient with the ability to bind creatine particles with malate particles), which is a very effective form of creatine for our body, since it dissolves and absorbs with great ease in our body, and then stays stored for much longer, and so that at the end of the process it can be transformed into phospho-creatine in the most natural, fast and efficient way that those diverse supplements or traditional creatine products, in short the daily consumption of creatine manages to contribute to a good increase of our physical strength during the training of short duration and high intensity.

    TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport is an excellent product created only for those who are fully active and athletes, so this product can be consumed by athletes, sportsmen, gymnasts and more, as it improves their physical performance and helps the quick input of energy to the body so that achieve they do successive series of short duration of high intensity. Thanks to TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport you can obtain what you need when performing your exercises or workouts due to its high content of tri-creatine malate that helps increase and improve the muscle creatine that your body produces naturally, and due to that, you will feel good when carrying out your physical activities since taking care of your body and your health is very important.

    Facts of TCM 1100 from Olimp Sport

    • Provides the body with energy quickly.
    • Made with Tri-creatine.
    • More effective than traditional creatines.
    • Improves muscle creatine.
    • Improve physical performance.

    Malate is a metabolite capable of stimulating insulin and greatly helps the absorption and transport of creatine by all muscle cells in your metabolism and also when the metabolism is at rest while you start up all your physical training.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules, the first before breakfast and the second after training or before bedtime.

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