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T-100 LTD Edition - 120 capsules

T-100 LTD Edition from Olimp Sport is a fantastic nutritional supplement for sports use in practical compressed capsules that help boost the physical power of sportsmen and athletes during training. This fantastic sports supplement helps to promote the development of muscles, increasing muscle mass and stimulating the production of testosterone.

    If you are looking for a sports supplement that helps boost your testosterone levels and at the same time, stimulate optimal muscle development, T-100 LTD Edition from Olimp Sport is your best choice.

    T-100 LTD Edition from Olimp Sport is an extraordinary sports supplement that contains within its formula the patented extract of ashwagandha, and additionally, it is complemented with other excellent components such as the right dose of D-aspartic acid and some minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium in addition to Vitamin B6, all this integrated in a practical presentation in compressed capsules, perfect to take anywhere and ingest at any time of the day. This fantastic product is the ideal sport supplement to stimulate the production of testosterone in the body and at the same time it favors the growth of muscle mass. All this thanks to its unique nutritional composition, ideal to help achieve optimal physical performance and proper muscle development.

    The dose of ashwagandha extract provided by the T-100 LTD Edition from Olympic Sport capsules, specializes in contributing to the optimal development of muscles by helping to gain muscle mass. For its part, D-aspartic acid is responsible for stimulating the secretion process of testosterone, ensuring a boost in the levels of strength and physical power, while other components such as Zinc, present in the formula of this great sports supplement help stabilize and maintain optimal levels of testosterone flow in the body.

    Experts in physical development recommend the daily use of the capsules of T-100 LTD Edition from Olympic Sport in athletes and sportsmen who seek to promote their muscle development and increase their levels of strength. This extraordinary sports supplement contributes to significantly improve physical performance, increasing the levels of strength, power and endurance and at the same time favors an adequate post-workout recovery.

    Facts of T-100 LTD Edition from Olimp Sport.

    • Made with ingredients of the highest quality.
    • Ideal to supplement diets of sportsmen and athletes.
    • The perfect supplement to improve physical performance during training.
    • Contributes to gain muscle mass.
    • Helps stimulate the secretion of testosterone in the body.
    • Favors the increase in the levels of strength, power and endurance.
    • Helps to maintain adequate levels of testosterone in the blood.
    • Promotes an effective and quick recovery after training.

    T-100 LTD Edition is an unbeatable sports supplement developed under the highest quality standards by Olimp Sport, ideal to contribute to the optimal physical and muscle development of sportsmen and athletes, providing extraordinary benefits to their performance.

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement, specialists recommend taking a capsule of T-100 LTD Edition from Olimp Sport four times a day, accompanying meals.

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