Stand-By Recovery Gel is the king energy supplement for athletes who practice distance or long duration exercises. It has a gelatinous texture but not very thick, it provides quick energy and it is easy to swallow during exercise without having to stop, as if we were drinking water or an isotonic drink.

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STAND-BY RECOVERY GEL: a revitalizing gel to use after a hard routine of exercises.

Stand-By Recovery contains salts, electrolytes and unlike others it is free of caffeine. Energy gels are increasingly used by long distance runners and like energy drinks are the great allies of most amateur runners.

You will now wonder, what is an energetic gel and what is its function? Energy gels are mainly composed of carbohydrates. This product is a great energy booster, it will be able to recharge your batteries in a short time and you will start up quickly to continue with your activities, once used you will ask yourself how you could be living without this "friend" to help you.

Our body uses two main sources of fuel to feed our muscles while doing any activity: fat and carbohydrates. The fat is a resource that provides a surprising amount of energy, but to convert it into usable energy, it requires processes slower than carbohydrates and therefore is not usually effective when we want to recover our energy as soon as possible. So when we consume a lot of energy, our body uses stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in our muscles and liver, but this also has a problem and there is a limit of available reserves to be used. If these reserves are over, we will find ourselves stuck under an overwhelming exhaustion. Basically the exhaustion and discomfort will be so great that you will not be able to continue doing any activity you wish.

The energy gel would be in charge of replacing this source of energy, with a low digestive load for the stomach and guaranteeing a faster and greater absorption, but of course, its effect is not immediate and its absorption is slower if it is consumed at rest, which is a fact that should be bring out if you are an athlete, since the blood in the stomach is usually redirected to the legs when you exercise and leaves in the background the process of digestion of the products that you have consumed so you have to plan a previous time to consume it and thus go replenishing the energy reserves of the body before they run out. Absorption time is extremely varied according to your unique regulatory processes during the exercise, so it is recommended that you previously do a test to see how hard it is to revitalize, recover energy when consuming it, so take it as a reference and prepare yourself.

On the other hand, if you are not from that group, but it does not mean that you can not find yourself in a situation where your "fuel tank" runs out, it would be a good idea to consume it too, not only will you feel more energy, but the effort in these situations is disadvantageous, because the body will not only consume fat but the muscles of your body causing weakening and other problems. Currently there are very few competitors who do not use this type of product and also more people with a very busy life use it too and it is because they really result in an extra emergency energy booster for any individual, which can be the difference in fulfilling or not the objective.

 Facts of Stand-By Recovery Gel.

  • An ideal source of rapid absorption to energize you.
  • A surprising source vitamins and amino acids.

Begin your training with even more energy, recharge batteries with Stand-By!

Recommended use: depending on the intensity of training, take 1-2 packs of 80g up to 30 minutes after exercise.

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