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Reanimator Pro - 1425g

It is a high quality formula, which includes all the essential nutrients your body needs. Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport is perfect as a supplement after a training routine, so it creates the optimal conditions to achieve the effects desired.

    Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport is the only way to prove your day in a healthy and energized way!

    It is the food supplement specially designed for sports or physical activities so the ingredients in this product are completely adapted to the needs of athletes; by which it allows to direct with precision the effects of the training. Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport makes muscle mass grow faster; it is made from ultra-filtered instant whey protein concentrate, to increase muscle intensity and performance, making it a direct source of energy, for an active and healthy lifestyle. Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport is created in a simple, and very feasible, formula of nutrients that will accelerate the recovery after an intense workout.

    It is a complete product that provides the best sources of hydrolyzed proteins, Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport absorbs quickly amino acids in free form that generate a high amount of proteins and a recovery greater than any other source of protein. In turn, it is enriched with amino acids, to promote the neutralization of muscle acidity and improve sports performance. It also contains hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and carbohydrates with a different absorption rates which enter into the group of components that protect the joints.

    Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport creates the perfect conditions for maximum growth of muscle mass and the development of functional capacity. It also helps to improve the results of your efforts and to stay healthy. For this reason, it is key and of vital importance; that is why you should ingest the best to help optimize the post-workout recovery time. Rebuild your muscles and increase its metabolic rate. It is a special product for those people who are on a diet to achieve a goal, or for those who spend many hours in training, with Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport you get the amount of protein you need, it regulates the distribution of metabolites, which provides an extremely effective protection of the developed muscle mass.

    Facts of Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport

    • Boosts protein levels.
    • Reduces the risk of injury.
    • Reduces muscle pain.
    • Helps improve sports performance.

    With Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport we will be able to take care of our health and obtain the necessary input of proteins that we need to receive the beneficial nutrients for muscle growth in the cleanest and healthiest way for our body. Reanimator Pro from Olimp Sport is the appropriate regenerator that will allow your muscles to rebuild and recharge their energy after an extreme training session. This is an amazing product! so what are you waiting for to start taking it?

    Recommended use: it is recommended to take one serving per day after training.

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