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Pump Express 2.0 Concentrate - 660g

Pump Express 2.0 Concentrate from Olimp Sport is a dietary supplement in powder format. Thanks to its unique composition formed by three perfect formulas: PUMP EXPRESS® NITRO CARB, a combination of pure warlike amino acids for effort, and carbohydrates with different blood sugar values. You will overcome the most demanding training in a more efficient way.

    Now Olimp Sport brings you a pre-workout that will provide all the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy and strong muscles, for greater support of the daily intense workouts.

    Pump Express 2.0 Concentrate from Olimp Sport is an ultra-concentrated pre-workout designed to boost your energy levels and achieve greater strength and intensity during training. Its formula combines the action of stimulating substances such as caffeine or taurine, which increase your energy levels, with ingredients to improve strength and performance such as creatine or beta alanine.

    It is made under high quality standards. It contains the necessary ingredients that play a role in improving physical performance. With an optimal dose of BCAAs, which helps to reduce muscle breakdown and the release of enzymes promoting a favorable environment for muscle regeneration. With its content of Citrulline malate, one of the best ingredients to fill your workouts with energy while promoting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle thanks to increased vasodilation that together with beta-alanine helps to neutralize muscle fatigue. It also provides a dose of Carnitine to ensure the correct use of fat as an energy source. It has been scientifically proven that Carnitine offers benefits in athletes in three key areas; the performance, in the reduction of the fatigue and in an improvement of the times of recovery.

    Pump Express 2.0 Concentrate from Olimp Sport also provides a dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which, among many other functions, protect us from free radicals, help us in muscle recovery, combat the feeling of fatigue, improve the immune system, etc. Olimp Sport always surprises us with its excellent flavors as it has left in constancy in this pre-training formula. With this pre-workout, it has also raised the level on flavor.

    Facts of Pump Express 2.0 Concentrate from Olimp Sport

    • Helps to increase the intensity of training.
    • Contributes to boost energy.
    • Promotes the increase of muscle strength.
    • Contributes to the increase in physical endurance.
    • Promotes the mind-muscle connection.

    The pre-workout Pump Express 2.0 Concentrate from Olimp Sport is ideal for those who wish to provide the muscles with enough fuel for high intensity workouts and have a healthy and strong musculature. More fuel = more work. Everything is given for a heavy workout!

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, add 1 dose (30 g - 60 units of measurement = 4.5 scoops) to 200 ml of water and drink 1 dose per day: on training days, before training or doing any physical activity ; on rest days between meals. Consume directly after its preparation.

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