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Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is a product that has the same formula that Provit 85, but with some modifications, which gives your body much more protein, which is necessary for you to get good conditions and have a healthy and strong body.

    Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is excellent to feed the body with protein, in a quick way and in a delicious smoothie.

    The great Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is a good supplement that is based on a similar product of the same manufacturer (Provit 85), but with a difference, namely, it has small modifications, so you can consume twice the amount of protein that your body needs to be in good condition.

    Provit 80 from Olimp Sport has an amazing composition and quality, which was possible thanks to Olimp Laboratories; as a result, this wonderful product has the Ideals of Balanced Proteins (WPC), which are absorbed in a fast way for a long period of time. Provit 80 from Olimp Sport has lots of very effective proteins, as a fact, it is possible that there is not a better way of consuming protein than with this excellent supplement, as it does not only provide a proteins as other products, but, benefits your body and organism with a large amount and variety of high-quality proteins that are very important to stay healthy.

    Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is a powdered product, which can be prepared easily in minutes and without any problem, giving as final result a delicious smoothie that can be taken at breakfast in order to have the body full of protein, which is vital to successfully cope with a day of intense efforts. Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is a 100% effective and able to fill your body with top-quality proteins and thus offer the benefits that proteins give our body in an easy and efficient way. The amazing Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is the product ideal for all kinds of people, whether athletes, sportsmen, gymnasts or, even, people who do not practice any sport but want to have a healthy and strong body, full of proteins of very high quality easily, and without much effort.

    Provit 80 from Olimp Sport has additional ingredients that enrich it completely. Its most important ingredients are: choline, inositol and, even, L-carnitine, which ensure your body will have and keep a correct and positive balance of nitrogen in the entire body and organism. Provit 80 from Olimp Sport, despite having a base similar to that of Provit 85, this one has ingredients that were replace by others in its formula in order to ensure a better amount of protein, being one of those ingredients and the most important, the whey concentrate, which modified and completely improved the bioavailability of this product.

    Facts of Provit 80 from Olimp Sport

    • Provides a lot of proteins.
    • Contains a whey concentrate.
    • Has a formula similar to that of Provit 85.
    • Its formula has positive modifications.
    • Maintains a positive balance.
    • Easy to prepare.
    • Has high-quality proteins.

    Provit 80 from Olimp Sport is the supplement ideal to fill your body with a wealth of protein able to benefit your whole body, being easy to prepare and digest.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, dissolve 35 g in 230 ml of water. It should be taken between meals.

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