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Pro Wrist Wraps - Olimp Sport

Pro Wrist Wraps from Olimp Sport is a useful garment that is put around the wrists to protect them during a strong activities such as in some racquet sports such as tennis, paddle, badminton or hockey.

    Pro Wrist Wraps from Olimp Sport, train comfortably!

    It is a wrist guard that plays a protective role in activities in which the wrist is required to perform an extraordinary effort such as weightlifting, in a sport that consists in lifting the maximum possible weight in a weighted bar. Pro Wrist Wraps from Olimp Sport is also used in the bodybuilding or to go to the gym to avoid direct contact with the machines.

    These wrist guards are the ideal accessory to go to the gym, to do sports or any exercise of your liking, the wrist guards play a very important role at the time of performing some physical activity, protect the wrist from possible injuries, wipe the sweat from the forehead, and to avoid that the sweat of the arm reaches the hands and thus preventing that the racket slips, skick. To that effect, they are made in absorbent materials such as plush cotton. In addition, Pro Wrist Wraps are often used to perform strength exercises, as they provide support for the wrist joint during maximum effort in presses and lift movements.

    Pro Wrist Wraps from Olimp Sport is the accessory you need to comfortably perform each of your physical activities. They are very common in many sports and also in the rehabilitation from injuries that affect the arms, hands and wrists. The sports use that you can give to wrist guards with the aim of avoiding possible sprains and strains, is in sports such as tennis, or any in which a racquet is used, whether paddle tennis, badminton, etc, and so on to avoid sprains, and are useful to absorb the sweat of the hands and face on the court.

    Facts of Pro Wrist Wraps from Olimp Sport

    • Preventive function.
    • Prevents breakages and injuries.
    • Very practical.
    • Keeps the muscles warm.
    • Absorbs sweat.

    It is the sports accessory par excellence, Pro Wrist Wraps have been designed for training the body to strengthen the wrists, to protect and move weights more easily, they are perfect to go to the gym, or wear them to perform any sport such as tennis, basketball, hockey, paddle or badminton, they are used to dry the sweat and enjoy a better grip. The main objective of wrist guards used in sports is to absorb the sweat of the wrists and forehead, this gesture has seen many times in professional athletes from all sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, cycling.

    Recommended use: wear when doing physical activities.

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