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Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport is a solution of high quality protein sources. It contains varied dietary supplements that are a key point to increase the energy consumption of digestion and, as a result, increase the energy demand for active people and practitioners of high intensity exercises.

    Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport, enjoy a day with energy.

    Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport is the perfect supplement for people active in the field of sports and high-density exercise practitioners, because it is based on important protein components with the highest biological value, such as whey protein (WPI), whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH) are important and essential part of the energy, thanks to these unique proportions of the different proteins WPH, WPI, WPC an immediate effect of the dynamic absorption of amino acids in blood is achieved, which are activated within 15 minutes and remain active for more than 2 hours. Whey is the key point if what you want is to build and maintain muscle mass although it has slightly concentrated compounds of it.

    Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport has a wide variety of different flavors, the most chosen by the public such as chocolate, vanilla, cherry, coffee, iced coffee, cappuccino, hazelnut, cookies-cream, strawberry, banana, tiramisu and tofi. The formula is made in a very simple way to get a lump-free shake, with a little sample of foam. It is considered that the vanilla flavor is one of the most pleasant flavors although it is not characterized by being the sweetest among the range of flavorings to choose from. The protein also contains an imperceptible amount of fats and carbohydrates.

    Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport has several advantages that favors both athletes and those who do not perform any sport or physical activity, because if what you want is to stay active on the day or if what you want is to gain and maintain muscle mass, it favors both parts. The protein is presented with a classic mixture with a protein recharge with 75% in the product, it is the best option if you have a lack of amino acids in the blood since with just taking a formula it has a fast and easy absorption, it is excellent food to eat before during and after doing some physical activity or may even be consumed as a snack or between meals.

    Facts of Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport

    • 100% protein.
    • Provides the body with energy.
    • Helps have a better sports performance.
    • Rapid absorption of amino acids in the blood.
    • Whey Concentrate.
    • Serves as an extra meal.

    Pro Whey Shake from Olimp Sport is an excellent option if what you want is to be active in your day routine or for athletes if they want to gain muscle mass and maintain it.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, mix 35 grams of the protein with 200-250 ml of water or with a diluent of your choice if you do not want such a sweet mixture you can add more water. Take preferably after each workout you do one or three times a day or if you fancy before going to bed.

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