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Olimp Team Trousers - Olimp Sport

Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro is a special pair of trousers that adapts quickly to each of your activities. It is super comfortable, made both for athletes to practice physical activities and anyone who wants to go out in comfort to walk.

    Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro facilitates each one of your activities.

    Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro is an excellent garment to wear in our workouts or after to look casual. It is the ideal trousers for sports or any other occasion, it is made to measure for any person. It is available in navy blue and in sizes M, L, Xl, XXL and 3XL. The trousers are wide cut, which will allow us full freedom of movement. It has a pocket in the back to keep our wallet or some other document.

    Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro is the perfect garment to wear everyday, is made with 92% cotton fabric, a very comfortable fabric which offers a complete smoothness when it comes to contact with the skin, it is also a little insulating, therefore it be can improved with other treatments, the other 8% is of elastane, a synthetic fiber known for its great elasticity and strength. It is the trousers you always dreamed of for going to the gym, running a marathon or doing some physical activity, is very technical and breathable, this allows you to achieve better performance and have comfort when doing sports or physical efforts.

    Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro is the garment you need when performing your exercises. In addition, it is comfortable and very good looking, it fits the body easily, you can find it in different sizes and in its exclusive navy blue color. It is a useful pair of trousers for each activity, perfect to wear after an intense workout and keep you dry by absorbing moisture.

    Facts of Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro

    • Light
    • 100% soft
    • Exceptionally comfortable
    • Adjustable to the body

    Olimp Team Trousers from Olim Pro is perfect for athletes or anyone who wants or practices any physical activity, is comfortable and adjustable, as the clothes are adjusted to your body without reducing comfort, you can have a better performance. It comes with high-compression fabrics, which have integrated the functionality of the shape and is light at the same time, which is a necessary feature in sportswear so as not to overload the user with unnecessary weight. One of the features that makes these trousers different from the traditional ones is that by transpiring with ease, the sweat hardly penetrates the fabric which prevents the annoying feeling of "wet trousers" which happens when wearing normal trousers.

    Recommended use: as a garment to wear when playing sports or after, also as everyday clothes.

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