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Olimp Team Polo T-shirt - Olimp Sport

Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear is a masculine pole t-shirt designed to bring athletic and toned bodies out. It is versatile, comfortable and fashionable; 100% made with quality cotton in navy blue color with embroidery on the front, sleeves and back highlighting the masculinity and strength of the men that are part of Team Olimp.

    Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear, Are you born for sports and the gym? So, what do you wait for to be part of Team Olimp?

    Polo Olimp Team is an exclusive garment for men who wish to be part of the Olimp team. It is made of quality materials, with striking designs representative of the brand and the classic opening of three buttons, this pole shirt is versatile since you can give it the use you want: wear it to go to the gym or to do sports activities such as hiking, climbing, golf, tennis, etc., even for a more casual occasion such as going with your friends to watch a game, with sunglasses, jeans and tennis. It will make you feel comfortable without losing your masculinity.

    Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear is made with 100% cotton of the best quality, making it hard-wearing and soft. Cotton is characterized by allowing the skin to breathe freely, so in addition to everything this t-shirt is a garment with which you can feel cool all day, perfect for hot days or summer; It is a hypoallergenic piece because it does not irritate or cause discomfort even in the most sensitive skin and does not retain bad odors, but disperses them. Olimp Sport Wear is a prestigious brand synonymous with high quality products, this polo t-shirt is no exception; its unique design will bring your muscles out, you will feel much better using Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear.

    Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear It is the emblematic pole t-shirt of the Olimp Sport Wear brand, it represents the masculinity, virility and strength of the men of the Olimp family. On the front, back and left sleeve it contains embroidery representative of the brand and on the right sleeve the number 90, also includes the allegorical phrase "Born in the gym" for men who were born in the gym, or who have revived in it and they have found the tenacity and discipline that they needed to see themselves and feel better about themselves. Olimp Sport Wear invites you to be part of their Team of healthy, athletic and energetic men, do you want to join our team?

    Facts of Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear

    • Made of 100% cotton.
    • Nice, comfortable and versatile garment.
    • Available in navy blue.
    • Hypoallergenic and non-irritable.
    • Embroidered details on the front, back and sleeves.
    • Designed to bring athletic bodies out.

    Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear is comfortable and strong, easy to use and combine. It is ideal for going to the gym or for a more casual use, on hot days or summer its soft fabric will keep you dry and cool for longer, it is perfect for outdoor sports. Olimp Team Polo T-shirt from Olimp Sport Wear is ideal for strong and driven men proud of their musculature.

    Recommended use: as a garment for physical training, or for casual use during hot days.

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